Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at a Chapter Event. Chapters are always looking for people to help with local chapter events and functions. Contact the Chapter officials in your area and ask them how you can get involved at the local level. You can find out more about PLUS Chapters as well as contact information on the PLUS website.

Speak at a PLUS Event. PLUS hosts four Symposia and the PLUS Conference each year. Request for Proposals (RFPs) are requested for speaker topics for each of these events. PLUS is currently accepting RFPs for the September Cyber Conference. Visit the Topic Submission Page on the PLUS website to submit a topic for an upcoming event.

Speak on a Webinar. PLUS offers webinars to members on various topics throughout the year and is looking to ramp up the number of its offerings in 2016. This means there are even more opportunities to present and/or coordinate a webinar. You can Submit a Webinar Topic through the PLUS website.

Write an Article for the PLUS Journal. The PLUS Journal is a monthly publication sent to over 7,000 PLUS members around the world. It provides relevant and timely articles and stories that impact the professional liability industry. The Journal regularly accepts Story Submissions for consideration through the PLUS website. 

Post on the PLUS Blog. Post stories of interest or comment on stories on the PLUS Blog… if you are interested in becoming a guest blogger please contact our marketing department for information.

Become a Subject Matter Expert. The PLUS curriculum is updated on a regular schedule. The updates are completed by PLUS Subject Matter Experts (SME). You can volunteer to be a SME in your area of expertise. To be a considered as a SME for curriculum updates email SME Volunteer.

Participate in a Chapter Charity or Conference Cause Volunteer Event. Each year the PLUS Foundation coordinates volunteer events throughout the country. More information about volunteer events is available through the PLUS Foundation website or your local chapter.