PLUS Curriculum Updates

The PLUS Curriculum modules are periodically updated to assure the materials stay current and relevant to today's professional liability insurance practitioners. Below is a list of completed updates, those in process, and those planned for the near future. Please check the order and exam registration pages carefully for current information. To place an order, please visit the module order page.

Module Updates Available April 2013:

Updated editions of these modules are now available; corresponding exams will be available October 15, 2013.
NOTE: If you have the original version of these modules, you must take the exam by September 30, 2013

  • C-03 Professional Liability Insurance Overview
  • C-06 Professional Liability Claims
  • EXEC-09 Public Company/Financial D&O Liability

Module Updates in Progress

Updated versions of these modules will be available in October 2013:
  • EXEC-10 Private/Non-Profit D&O Liability Insurance
  • EXEC-13 Fidelity & Crime Insurance for Commercial & Governmental Entities
  • EO-16 Accountants Professional Liability Insurance
  • EO- 17 Advanced Medical Professional Liability
Module and Exam complete:

The following modules were recently updated, and updated exams are available:

  • C-01 Fundamentals of Liability Insurance/C-02 Commercial General Liability
  • C-04 Financial Analysis
  • C-05 Professional Liability Reinsurance
  • C-07 Medical Professional Liability Insurance: Introduction
  • C-08 Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance: Introduction
  • EXEC-11 Employment Practices Liability Insurance
  • EXEC-12 Fiduciary Liability Insurance
  • EO-15 Lawyers Professional Liability  Insurance
  • MISC-23 Privacy and Data Security (previously Cyber Liability)