RPLU Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the RPLU+ Designation?

  • Professionals in the professional liability insurance industry are continually seeking to improve their skills.  The RPLU+ advanced designation has been created for existing RPLUs who would like to continue their professional development. 

Do I have to be a member of PLUS to participate in the RPLU Program?

  • Non-members are welcome to pursue the RPLU designation. However, the non-member pricing for both modules and exams is higher than the member pricing.  Join Now and Save.

How much does it cost?

  • Digital copy only: Member price $120, Non-member price $170
  • Hard copy price (includes free digital copy): Member price $160, Non-member price $210

How much study time is required?

  • Each book averages 10-12 hours of study time to read the materials and do the corresponding online exercises.
Are there any pre-requisites to begin the RPLU program?
  • No, there are no prerequisites to complete before beginning RPLU study. We strongly recommend, particularly if you are new to the industry, to begin your study with the Core modules before moving on to the "specialty" modules.

I already have my RPLU Designation, how can I earn the RPLU+ Designation?

Candidates for the RPLU+ must have first completed the requirements for the RPLU Designation; and then:

Successfully complete the exams for five additional "specialty" modules - modules EXEC-09 - Public / Financial D&O through MISC-23-Cyber Liability.

These five additional exams shall not include exams previously completed to earn the RPLU or for which cross credits from the original RPLU courses were received.

Please note: For RPLU's who completed their designation under the original five-part program, and do not have a background in accounting or finance, we recommend studying Module C-04 Financial Analysis.  Although this module is not required and does not count toward the RPLU+ designation, the skills taught in this module are important, and this material has been added to the new RPLU curriculum.

Are there any waivers available?

  • Students with appropriate educational degrees or who have completed one of a variety of other insurance industry designation programs may be eligible to waive one or more of the Core modules. Information on Waivers.

Do I need to take a class to study for the new exams?

  • No- The PLUS curriculum modules were created by a company specializing in adult learning materials and are designed for self-study. Each module is accompanied by a key which gives the learner access to online study exercises that will allow you to review and use the concepts that are being studied in the module.

Is there a time limit to finish the program?

  • No, there is currently no time limit within which you must complete the program. However, we recommend that you do not order modules until you are actually ready to complete the materials and sit for the exam, as the modules will be updated periodically. That way you will not get caught with out-of-date materials.

Is the curriculum only for people interested in the RPLU Designation?

  • No, the new curriculum is designed to provide tools for anyone who wants to learn about professional liability.  Each module from the curriculum may be used as a stand-alone resource for the professional liability practitioner who is interested in learning about a specific topic, or as a state-of-the-art training supplement for employees being introduced to professional liability in general or to new disciplines within professional liability.

What do I need to take an exam?

  • On arrival, you will be required to sign in and provide a government-issued I.D. After stowing personal items in a locker, you enter the testing center and are seated in private cubicles. High security standards include professional proctors, and video security. No materials may be removed from the test area.

What if I need to cancel/reschedule taking an exam?

  • An exam may be cancelled or rescheduled at no charge by calling the Prometric Testing Center 13 or more business days before your scheduled test date.
    Fees will apply to reschedule or cancel 12 business days or less before your scheduled test date. The exam must be rescheduled within the 90 day
    eligibility period. Cancellation, no-show or late arrival (15 minutes or more) will result in the forfeiture of the entire exam registration fee.

After taking the exam, how do I know if I passed?

  • Your score will be displayed on your computer screen immediately at the end of the exam.  You will receive an exam print out at the time of your exam.

Do I have to report my grade to RPLU?

  • RPLU receives all grades from either Prometric or corporate partners locations automatically.

Once I have obtained the RPLU do I need to do anything to maintain the designation?

  • At present there are no continuing education requirements in order to maintain the designation.