RPLU Waivers

Under the RPLU program, a student may be eligible to waive specified core modules.  Please see this chart to view which modules can be waived.

Effective January 1, 2013: An administrative fee of $75 will be assessed for EACH waiver request made by RPLU candidates. Candidates who have completed approved courses or designations may waive Core modules C-02 (Commercial General Liability), C-03 (Professional Liability Insurance Overview), C-04 (Financial Analysis), C-05 (Professional Liability Insurance Reinsurance), and C-06 (Professional Liability Insurance Claims), as indicated on the RPLU Waiver Requirements chart.

All waiver requests will require the following steps be completed:

  • Purchase the RPLU Waiver you would like from the Exam Product Page
  • Complete the required payment information
  • Upload any applicable transcripts or Certificates to your User Dashboard page.

The waiver fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee acceptance of a waiver request.

For waiver rules under the "old" program, please contact PLUS.


Exams based on the original five-part RPLU program were discontinued January 1, 2009. RPLU candidates who were not able to complete the designation under the "old" program will automatically be given credit for corresponding modules under the "new" program.  Click here for the chart delineating the cross-credits that you will receive.