2014 Conference Material

ACA Professional Liability Exposures - Not Just Medical PL

Underwriters Under Fire: Increasingly On the Hot Seat

PLI Exposures for Financial Services Intermediaries

Multi-Claimant Batch Litigation - A Spike in Frequency?

Cyber Speed Debates 2.0

Unusual, Extraordinary and Emerging EPLI Issues

Cyber Security and Data Breaches: The Big New Exposure for D&O?

ERISA at 40: Fiduciary Liability Forecast

ERISA at 40: Fiduciary Liability Forecast - Overview of ERISA Litigation Landscape

The First 72 Hours: Anatomy of a Breach Response

10 Actions to Take When A Breach Strikes

Future of Securities Class Actions, Post Halliburton

Legalized Marijuana: Will the PL Insurance Industry Inhale?

Are You Ready for Medical Marijuana

Legal Pot Leaves Product Liability Attorneys Dazed and Confused

Marijuana: Implications of Legalization

Privacy and Data Security Across the Globe

Cyber Defense Spending and Compliance

International Compendium of Data Privacy Laws

International Privacy 2013 Year in Review

International Privacy: Africa

International Privacy: Asia

International Privacy: Canada

International Privacy: Central and South America

International Privacy: EU

International Privacy: Ukraine

The Impact of Global Privacy Laws on Cyber Risk Mitigation

Zurich Cyber Risk Report 2014

Red Flags: How Qualitative Factors Can Help Assess Management Integrity

Accounting Quality and Risk Research: Audit Analytics

Top Ten Tips for Design Professionals

Defending the Client

Don't Go It Alone on Legal Matters

Indemnity Related Statutes

What's New for Accountants and Lawyers PLI?

Trusts and Estates for Lawyers and Accountants