2016 Conference Material

Embracing Cyber as a Multidisciplinary Peril
PowerPoint Slides
Cambridge Business Blackout
Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies Report
Cyber Insurance is a Misnomer

Faulty Towers? The Excess Carrier's Evolving Role
PowerPoint Slides
Ten Key Questions to Ask Before Joining a Board
The Liability Landscape for Directors and Officers of Non-Profits
When Government Comes Knocking

The eWorkplace: Exposures in the Digital Age
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White Paper

M&A Litigation and Claims Trends - Better, Worse, or Just Different?

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In Re: Trulia, Inc. Opinion
In Re: Trulia, Inc. Stockholder Litigation
Courts Cite Trulia to Slash $275K Attorney Fee Bid to $50K
M&A Litigation Shrinks in Wake of Trulia
In Re: Walgreen Co. Stockholder Litigation: 7th Circuit Opinion
7th Circuit Tightens Standards for Disclosure-Only Deals
Disclosure-Only Settlements in M&A Litigation
Delaware Reining in Deal Litigation?
In Re: Allied Healthcare Shareholder Litigation - Order re Settlement

Are Management Liability Exposures for Law Firms Changing?
Alternate Business Structures FAQ Final
Bit Law Stays Silent as ABA Weighs Law Firm Ownership Rules
Management Liability - D&O for Law Firms
World's 1st Public Law Firm Faces Shareholder Litigation

21st Century Medicine - The Future is Now!
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Telemedicine Law and Liability - 2015

The Times They Are A'Changing - SEC and DOJ Investigations
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SEC Investigations of Public Companies

Today's Reinsurance Market - Less is More?
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Chief Risk Officers Tackle International D&O Exposures
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D&O Alert, September 2015
FI/D&O Alert, March 2016

Miscellaneous PLI - The Melting Pot for Emerging Exposures
PowerPoint Slides
New Business Models, Technology Raise Professional Liability Risks for Contractors
Professional Liability - Trends and Opportunities
Staffing Companies and Their Exposures: A mini-white paper containing an expanded version of information first published as a 5-part series of Knowledge Knuggets

FinTech: What it Means for YOU
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