2018 Conference Material

New D&O Exposures & Coverage Trends in Underwriting
PowerPoint Slides
Massive Derivative Suit Settlement for Alleged Management Failure to Prevent Sexual Misconduct (D&O Diary, November 2017)
Investor Files Sexual Misconduct-Related D&O Claim Against Wynn Resorts Board (D&O Diary, February 2018)
Yahoo Settles Data Breach-Related Securities Suit for $80 Million (D&O Diary, March 2018)
Do Privacy Issues Represent the Next Big D&O Liability Exposure? (D&O Diary, March 2018)
We Need to Talk About ICOs, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain (D&O Diary, April 2018)

New Trends in Underwriting
PowerPoint Slides
Re-imagining the role of insurance underwriters (Willis Towers Watson, May 2018)
Commercial insurers primed for intelligent automation (Day Bishop & David Ovenden, 2018)
Preparing for the Future of Work: Radically Retooling Underwriting (Day Bishop, October 2018)
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Dynamic Briefing (World Economic Forum, August 2017)

Reps & Warranties: Trends & Challenges on the Immediate Horizon
PowerPoint Slides
M&A Trends: Representations and Warranties Insurance (Goodwin)

Pick A Topic: Wheel of Misfortune
PowerPoint Slides
White Paper

Mega-Verdicts in MPL: Blip or Trend
PowerPoint Slides
Medical Professional Liability in 2018: Major Challenges (PLUS Journal)

Latest Trends in Cyber
Cyber Security Takes Center Stage (Tracey Vispoli)
Feasting on Cyber Data (Berkley Cyber Risk Solutions, August 2017)
Feasting on Cyber Data (Rich Sheridan)

Insurance Agents & Brokers E&O 2019
PowerPoint Slides
The Impact of M&A on Insurance Agents & Brokers Professional Liability (Allied World)
Insurance Agent/Broker Errors and Omissions Claims: 2018 Case Law Update (Thomas Jensen)

D&O Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
PowerPoint Slides
A CFTC Primer on Virtual Currencies (CFTC, October 2017)

Everything is D&O (but didn't use to be) / #Metoo
PowerPoint Slides
The Weinstein Effect (CLM Magazine, April 2018)

GDPR Impact on U.S. Based Companies
The Price of Data Security (Aon, June 2018)