2019 D&O Symposium Materials

Plan Fee Litigation: Is There an End in Sight?
PowerPoint Slides
Surge in ERISA Fee Litigation

Crypto Insurance Challenge: How Can I Insure What I Don't Understand?
PowerPoint Slides
Crypto-Assets: Their Future & Regulation
Recent Trends in Virtual Currency Regulation, Enforcement & Litigation

Emerging Trends & Exposures in Collective Securities Actions Overseas
The Challenging Securities Litigation Landscape in Australia
Dutch Court Declares Largest-Ever European Investor Claims Settlement Binding
Dutch Court OKs Petrobas Claim Jurisdiction Despite Brazilian Arbitration Clause
The Steep Rise of Collective Actions in Europe
Thinking About the Growth of Third-Party Litigation Financing

What's Going on with Securities Class Action & Derivative Litigation?
PowerPoint Slides
Life After Cyan: Tips for Handling State Court Jurisdiction of '33 Act Claims
SEC Section 21(a) Report Focuses on Cyber Threats & Internal Accounting Controls
Supreme Court Declines to Extend American Pipe Tolling

The Legal Landscape: Diversity, Inclusion & the Elimination of Bias in the #MeToo Era
PowerPoint Slides
The Legal Landscape: Diversity, Inclusion & the Elimination of Bias in the #MeToo Era
Restrictions on Releases & Non-Disparagement Agreements: Senate Bill 1300

The U.S. Supreme Court and D&O Claims
PowerPoint Slides
A New Twist in M&A Litigation: Section 11 Cases in State Court
The Coming Securities Class Action Storm: Multijurisdictional Litigation After Cyan
N.Y. Appellate Court: Coverage Precluded for Disgorgement "Penalty"
Supreme Court's SEC ALJ Decision Leaves Many Unanswered Questions
Texas State Court Dismisses Post-Cyan Securities Act Lawsuit
U.S. Supreme Court Adopts Narrow View of Who Can Rely on Dodd-Frank Act's Anti-Retaliation Protections
U.S. Supreme Court: Equitable Tolling Does Not Allow Follow-On Class Claims Outside of the Limitations Period

At the Helm: Changing Course in the Current D&O Storm
U.S. Public Directors & Officers: Liability Insurance Market Analysis