PLUS Journal Submission Guidelines

The PLUS Journal is a valuable member benefit, and is possible because of content contributions from industry experts. To maintain publication standards, all articles accepted for publication in the PLUS Journal must adhere to the following guidelines and requirements.

Submission Requirements:

  1. All submissions must pertain to professional liability insurance or practice
  2. Submissions should not be a promotional piece for any company or person
  3. Submissions must include a signed copy of the Copyright License Agreement
  4. Only submissions received by the first of each month will be considered for publication in the following month's issue (Example: For publication in February, the article must be received by January 1)

Content Guidelines:

  1. Submissions must be typed and should not exceed 5 single-spaced pages. Submissions exceeding five pages may be split over two or more issues.
  2. All content should be submitted via email to Lance Helgerson
  3. Content containing charts, graphs, or other pictures that visually illustrate points made in the article are welcome. Please provide all graphics in high-resolution files.
  4. A photo of the author(s) should be submitted with each article. An electronic version is preferred, but an actual photograph is acceptable. Photos should be 3"x 5" or larger and at least 300 dpi.
  5. The author(s) must also submit a brief biographical statement, including name, title, company, business concentration, phone number and email address. Long biographies will be edited to fit space requirements.
  6. For all submissions the Category Checklist & Abstract form must be completed.
  7. If the article submitted was previously published elsewhere a brief credit paragraph should be submitted with the article.
  8. Include court citations and end/foot-notes where appropriate. Endnotes are preferred to footnotes.

All mailed submissions can be sent to:

Lance Helgerson
5353 Wayzata Blvd., Suite 600
Minneapolis, MN 55416

All submissions will be reviewed by the PLUS Editorial Board and PLUS staff for final publishing approval.

All questions should be directed to Lance Helgerson at 952-746-2580 or by email.