RPLU Supporter Award

The RPLU Supporter Award is given annually to a company that significantly supports the PLUS Curriculum and RPLU designation.

The criteria for the award are as follows:

The company who receives this award should be, first and foremost, one that strongly supports the RPLU program and encourages their professional liability staff to complete the designation.  Therefore, the primary consideration in determining the award winner will be:

  • Their support of the RPLU program within their organization, as evidenced by the number of RPLUs relative to PLUS members and inclusion of RPLU in the career path for underwriters
  • In the event that there are multiple strong contenders based on the above criteria, the committee will also consider their ongoing support of PLUS and PLUS programs as evidenced by:
    • Participation in PLUS Chapters
    • Speaking at PLUS Events
    • Participation in the PLUS University program
    • Participation on:
      • Committees and 
      • Other PLUS projects (Curriculum Update, etc.)

To nominate a company for the 2014 RPLU Supporter Award, to be given at the 2014 PLUS Conference in Las Vegas, please complete the nominations form. All entries must be submitted by September 14, 2014 to be considered for this year.

Please submit completed forms by the deadline to memberservices@plusweb.org. 

RPLU Supporter Nominations Form