Future PLUS

Future PLUS   is charged with discovering ways to expand and enhance PLUS' traditional education, information and networking offerings to increase the appeal and relevance of PLUS to new generations of professional liability professionals.  As the industry evolves, the fresh ideas and perspectives of younger members is vital to the continued success of PLUS, and the Task Force is researching strategies and projects that can communicate the benefits of PLUS involvement to these professionals.  Maintaining a vibrant and engaged professional liability association benefits members of all ages, and increases the value of PLUS membership for everyone.

The Future PLUS Membership  level is available to anyone 35 years of age or younger and involved in the professional liability industry.  Future PLUS members receive full membership benefits, including member discounts for event registration.  Become a member online now or use this print and email form for Future PLUS Membership enrollment.

Join the discussion on LinkedIn - Future PLUS has its own discussion group on LinkedIn, designed for younger professionals to connect with others in the industry and jump start conversation about the key issues impacting the group. Join the group today!

We want your feedback on how Future PLUS can best get its message out to the next generation of the professional liability industry. Please share your ideas on how to best communicate with these individuals at your agency, and any other ideas you have relevant to the mission of Future PLUS. Your feedback is vital to help PLUS grow. All member-generated ideas will be reviewed by the Future PLUS Task Force.

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Thank you for sharing your ideas on how to reach the next generation of PLUS members.