Digital Download FAQs


Due to increased issues with Adobe's program, Adobe Digital Editions, PLUS has decided to discontinue selling PLUS modules in the digital download format. If you've purchased a module in this format previously or purchase a hard copy module, the digital download will still be accessible. Please note, however, that you may experience issues related to Adobe Digital Editions, which are out of PLUS's control. If you have questions or issues with the digital download format, please contact PLUS.

Additionally, in an effort to grow on-demand educational offerings, PLUS will be retiring the hard copy format for modules once they are available in the online eLearning format. Hard copy modules include access to a digital download format of the content, as well. Once this format is retired, the module will only be available for purchase in the eLearning format. If you've purchased a hard copy module prior to it being retired, you will still be able to access it, study it and have it count towards PLUS Designations and/or Certificates. Please be sure to check the module and exam copyright date, as PLUS is in the process of reviewing and updating modules and their corresponding exams. As such, the content in existing hard copy and/or digital download formats may not reflect updates (if any) which may impact your knowledge for the exam. 



What is the digital download format? How is it different from the eLearning format?

The digital download format provides the module content as a digital file which must be downloaded through Adobe Digital Editions (a free program through Adobe). After being purchased, the digital download is available immediately through your Member Dashboard and can be downloaded on up to 6 compatible devices. For a current list of compatible devices, click here.

In comparison, the eLearning format provides the module content in an interactive format that is completed entirely online.



How do I access my digital download once I purchase it?
Accessing your digital download is a 2-step process: First, you need to download Adobe Digital Editions by creating a free account with Adobe (if you don't already have one). Then, you need to download the Adobe Digital Editions program to your desktop computer.


  1. To create a free Adobe account, please follow the instructions here.
  2. When your free account with Adobe has been created, you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions for free here.


Once you've successfully created your account and installed Adobe Digital Editions to your computer, you're ready to access the digital modules through your PLUS Member Dashboard.



  1. Log-in to the PLUS website
  2. Click on your Member Dashboard (under the Member section)
  3. Click on Product Downloads
  4. Click on the module you wish to download and follow the prompts


Can I view my digital download on my Kindle or iPad?

Due to licensing structures, this format isn't available for Kindle users. However, you can download and read the material on an iPad. You must first download your module to a desktop computer using Adobe Digital Editions before being able to access it on another device. For instructions on how to download to an iPad, click here.


I'm getting a license error and/or having trouble accessing my digital download. Who can help me?

There have been increased issues with Adobe and its program, Adobe Digital Editions, which is used to access the digital download format. Many of the issues with the program are out of PLUS's control and it is working on moving content into the eLearning format. However, we have a great support team at Innovative Office Solutions that has helped develop the digital download format and knows most of the ins and outs. They're available by phone at 952.946.1200 or via e-mail at


Can I print my digital download?
You're allowed to print each download you've purchased one time. You can view it electronically on up to six supported devices as many times as you would like.



My digital download references additional online activities. How do I access these?
If you've purchased a digital download only, an enrollment key will be emailed to you within 48 hours. If you've purchased a hard copy module, this enrollment key will be printed in your module. You will be asked to provide this enrollment key when starting the online activities here.