Under the RPLU program, a student may be eligible to waive specified core modules.  Click here to view which modules can be waived.

Effective January 1, 2013: An administrative fee of $75 will be assessed for EACH waiver request made by RPLU candidates. Candidates who have completed approved courses or designations may waive Core modules C-02 (Commercial General Liability), C-03 (Professional Liability Insurance Overview), C-04 (Financial Analysis), C-05 (Professional Liability Insurance Reinsurance), and C-06 (Professional Liability Insurance Claims), as indicated on the RPLU Waiver Requirements chart.

All waiver requests will require the following steps be completed:

  • Purchase the RPLU Waiver you would like from the Exam Product Page (click to page 2)
  • Complete the required payment information
  • Upload any applicable transcripts or Certificates to your User Dashboard page.

The waiver fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee acceptance of a waiver request.

For waiver rules under the "old" program, please contact PLUS.


Exams based on the original 5-part RPLU program were discontinued January 1, 2009. RPLU candidates who weren't able to complete the designation under the "old" program will automatically be given cross-credit for corresponding modules under the "new" program. Click here for the chart delineating the cross-credits that you will receive.