2019 PLUS Webinar Materials

December 11th | Round-Up: Survey of Key D&O and E&O Insurance Decisions - PowerPoint
Additional handout materials:
BioChemics Inc. v. AXIS Reinsurance Co.
Chapman v. Ace Am. Ins. Co.
Crum & Forster Specialty Ins. Co. v. DVO Inc.
Desai v. Navigators Ins. Co.
Emmis Communs. Corp. v. Ill. National Ins.
Gleason v. Markel Am. Ins. Co.
Governo v. Allied World Ins. Co.
IDT Corp v. U.S. Specialty Ins. Co.
In re Verizon Ins. Coverage Appeals (December 2019)
In re Verizon Ins. Coverage Appeals (September 2019)
Madison Mech. Inc. v. Twin City Fire Ins. Co.
Marcus v. Allied World Ins. Co.
Pfizer Inc. v. Arch Ins. Co.
Pine Bluff Sch. Dist. v. Ace Am. Ins. Co.
Prophet Equity LP v. Twin City Fire Ins. Co.
Scottsdale Ins. Co. v. Byrne
Solera Holdings Inc. v. XL Specialty Ins. Co.

November 20th |
The ABCs of D&O Coverage: Appraisals, Bump Ups, and Choice of Law - PowerPoint
October 16th |
Mitigating Opioid Loss Exposures in Healthcare - PowerPoint
September 18th | Preparing for Difficult Insurance Renewal Conversations - PowerPoint and recording
August 21st | Bankruptcy and Private Company D&O - PowerPoint
July 17th | Medical Marijuana & Professional Liability - PowerPoint
June 29th | SEC Focus on Cybersecurity - PowerPoint
June 5th | New Era of Data Hunting for EPLI - PowerPoint and recording
May 15th | A Perspective on Cyber Liability Coverage - PowerPoint
May 1st | Cyber Insurance for the Healthcare Market - PowerPoint and recording
March 20th |
Breaking Down Blockchain - PowerPoint
March 6th | Intellectual Property Liability Insurance - PowerPoint and recording
February 20th | Mega Verdicts in MedPL - PowerPoint
January 30th | Employer Liability Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act - PowerPoint and recording
January 16th | Securities Litigation Reform - PowerPoint

2019 Career Advancement Series

September 17th
Master LinkedIn to Elevate Your Professional Brand
Get in the Know: Social Selling on LinkedIn

September 19th
Steps to Building a Stellar Personal & Professional Brand
Top 10 Productivity Apps On the Go

2019 Management & Professional Liability Series

April 16th

ERISA & Employee Benefits: How to Effectively Handle a DOL Investigation of Your Retirement Plan
The Proliferation of State & Local Employment Laws

April 17th
The Emergence of the Global Cannabis Market & the Impact on Insurance & Legal Professionals
Correlation of Risk on Performance a& Profitability for Design Firms
Understanding the Risks and Liabilities of Investment Advisors/Asset Managers
Risk Management & Recent Trends in Securities Fraud Litigation Against Life Sciences Companies


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