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Education RPLU Program Requirements

To obtain the RPLU designation, a student must complete all of the following requirements:

1.  Read all eight core modules and pass these seven standardized exams:

To see a list of waivers for specified modules, please click here.

To see when a module was last updated (as of April 5, 2018), please click here.

  • R02: Fundamentals of Liability Insurance / Commercial General Liability Insurance: Overview (Please note: this exam covers these two modules - C-01-LI and C-02-CGL - both are covered in one book) 
  • R03: Professional Liability Insurance: Intro
  • R04: Financial Analysis
  • R05: Professional Liability Reinsurance
  • R06: Professional Liability Insurance Claims
  • R07: Medical Professional Liability Insurance: Intro
  • R08: Directors & Officers Liability Insurance: Intro

2.  Read and pass five standardized exams for any five elective modules of your choosing from the list below. 

  • R09: Public/Financial D&O Liability Insurance
  • R10: Private/Non-Profit D&O Liability Insurance
  • R11: Employment Practices Liability Insurance
  • R12: Fiduciary Liability Insurance
  • R13: Fidelity and Crime for Commercial and Government Entities
  • R14: Financial Institution Bonds
  • R15: Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance
  • R16: Accountants Professional Liability Insurance
  • R17: Medical Professional Liability Insurance: Advanced
  • R18: Design Professionals Professional Liability Insurance 
  • R19: Real Estate Professionals 
  • R20: Insurance Professionals
  • R21: Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance
  • R22: Media Professional Liability Insurance 
  • R23: Privacy and Data Security Insurance
This allows students to customize their program of study and either specialize in a specific area of professional liability insurance, or select the topics that interest them most.

3.  Meet the minimum experience requirement.

Students must meet the minimum experience requirement of two years working in the professional liability industry in order to attain the RPLU designation.Under the new Curriculum, the RPLU Program will continue to honor waivers for specified modules. For a complete listing of waivers, please click here.

4.  Submit the Designee Agreement Form.

After completion of your final exam, you will receive additional instructions and information.  This information will include guidelines on how to use your new designation, a press release, and an agreement form that will need to be completed and returned to the PLUS office.  Upon remittance of this Designee Agreement Form, we will then print and mail you your certificate of completion.