Virtual Learning

PLUS understands that learning happens in all sorts of ways. That's why we offer a variety of educational formats. Use the links below to find the format that's best for you.

PLUS Curriculum Modules | Available in 2 different virtual formats - Online eLearning and digital download* - the PLUS Curriculum is comprised of 23 modules, focused on the major lines of professional liability - and they can be used to achieve the RPLU, RPLU+, and CPLP designations, as well as PLUS Certificates! Click here for more information.

*SPECIAL NOTICE: In an effort to grow on-demand educational offerings, PLUS will be retiring the digital download format for modules once they are available in the online eLearning format. Once the digital download format is retired, it will no longer be available for purchase. If you've purchased a digital download module prior to it being retired, you will still be able to access it, study it and have it count PLUS Designations and/or Certificates. Please note, however, that PLUS reviews and updates modules as needed prior to converting them to the online eLearning format, and also updates the corresponding exams accordingly. As such, the content in existing digital downloads will not reflect updates (if any) which may impact your knowledge for the exam. 

Webinars | PLUS webinars deliver high quality, relevant education right at your desk. Click here for more information.