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35th Annual PLUS Conference
November 9th - 11th | San Diego, CA

RFP Process Overview
The PLUS Content Committee for the PLUS Conference have identified key topics to be addressed at this year's Conference and will prioritize the selection of sessions which cover these areas. The objective is to source the best proposals for these pre-determined topics as well as source additional topic suggestions.

The following topics will be prioritized at this year's Conference; you may, however, still submit topics which do not fall under one of these categories. The Content Committee encourage submitters to consider diversity of thought and perspectives, as well as creative presenting approaches.

  • Global perspective - financial lines, cyber, EPL
  • EPL session on California law
  • EPL session on the return to the office and potential disability claims
  • Cyber market - discuss alternative capital and structures and ways to develop capacity; view of the hardening market and how to create sustainable cyber insurance space
  • D&O session on SPAC and de-SPAC evolution, update on any important decisions, and expansion outside of D&O
  • Changes in the Canadian market (specific to Quebec)
  • Update on Delaware case law, how this has become a hard jurisdiction for carriers but a favorable one for insureds (including various opinions will make for a lively debate)
  • Plaintiff attorney discussing and analyzing claims (possibly include someone from EEOC or a mediator to discuss how mediations have changed)
  • Professional liability landscape - excessive fee cases in the FI world; liabilities arising from D&O and PI; possibly bring in people who have represented "bad" clients - e.g. pharmaceuticals, foreign governments - and have both defense and carrier sides involved in the discussion)
  • Privacy regulations overseas
  • Sanctions - repercussions from Ukraine/Russia war, effect on carriers now that the U.S. and others are defined as "unfriendly states"

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All submissions are due before May 31, 2022

The Content Committee, along with the PLUS Conference Chair and PLUS staff, will review all ideas submitted starting on May 31st.  Due to the anticipated volume of submissions, only those proposals which have been selected will be notified.

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If you have any questions regarding the Conference Content idea submission process or to submit your RFP via the submission form, please contact Diane Dukes at or 952-746-2592.