PLUS Journal Submissions

The PLUS Journal is a valuable member benefit and is made possible by content contributions from industry experts. To maintain publication standards, all articles accepted for publication in the PLUS Journal must adhere to the guidelines and requirements below. All submissions will be reviewed by the PLUS Editorial Board and PLUS staff for final publishing approval. PLUS may not publish an article if it is not up to the quality standards recognized by the editorial board. The articles are published quarterly and posted on the PLUS website and mobile application. Members are notified when the publication is available.

Submission Requirements

  1. All submissions must pertain to professional liability insurance or practice.
  2. Submissions should not be a promotional piece for any company or person.
  3. All submissions require the submission form to be completed in full.
  4. The author(s) must also submit a brief biographical statement via email, including name, title, company, business concentration, phone number and email address. Long biographies will be edited to fit space requirements.
  5. A photo of the author(s) should be submitted via email with each article. Photo must be high resolution for quality production.


Content Guidelines

  1. Submissions of any length will be accepted, but ideal article length should be less than 8 pages.
  2. Content must be submitted as a word document or PDF.
  3. If content is submitted past the deadlines mentioned below, the article will be considered be posted in the following quarter edition.
  4. Content containing charts, graphs, or other pictures that visually illustrate points made in the article are welcome. Please provide all graphics in high-resolution files.
  5. If the article submitted was previously published elsewhere a brief credit paragraph should be submitted with the article.
  6. Please include court citations and endnotes where appropriate.
  7. All content and questions should be submitted via email to Katie Campbell


2020 Content Deadlines, Publication Dates and Themes

Q1 – PLUS Symposiums
Content deadline | February 21, 2020
Publication date | March 18, 2020

Q2 – Emerging Technologies, Innovations and Data Mining
Content deadline | April 24, 2020
Publication date | May 15, 2020

Q3 – COVID-19 and Looking Forward for the PL Industry
Content deadline | July 24, 2020
Publication date | August 25, 2020

Q4 – Navigating the New Normal into 2021
Content deadline | November  23, 2020
Publication date | December 9, 2020