PLUS1 and Founders Award

The Professional Liability Underwriting Society presents two awards annually to individuals who have contributed substantially to the organization and greater PL industry.

The PLUS1 Award is presented to a person whose efforts have contributed substantially to the advancement and image of the professional liability industry.  Criteria used when selecting the PLUS1 Award winner include reputation and success in the professional liability industry, history of lectures and service on panels addressing topics in the industry, current activity in professional liability, activity and involvement in PLUS, longevity in the insurance industry, and measure of impact on the professional liability industry.

The Founders Award recognizes a member of PLUS who has made lasting and outstanding contributions to the Society.  The award is presented in honor of PLUS Founder Angelo J. Gioia.  Criteria used when selecting the Founders Award recipient include membership in PLUS, participation in PLUS activities, creativity and innovation when needed to address PLUS tasks, amount of time and effort dedicated to the organization, promotion of PLUS in the industry and to the public in general, or other contributions to the image of PLUS, and involvement in developing, implementing, improving and/or continuing PLUS programs.

Past PLUS1 Award Winners                      Past Founders Award Winners
2019 LouAnn Layton
2019 Frederick Fisher
2018 John Keogh
2018 Michael Cavallaro
2017 Patrick G. Ryan
2017 James G. Stewart, RPLU
2016 John Q. Doyle
2016 Phil N. Norton, PhD
2015 Michael C. Sapnar 2015 Jeffrey R. Lattmann
2014 Arunothayam Rajaratnam 2014 Greg Buonocore 
2013 Scott A. Carmilani 2013 Daniel J. Standish, Esq.
2012 William R. Berkley 2012 Daniel Auslander, RPLU 
2011 John A Kuhn 2011 Jeffrey P. Klenk 
2010 Gary V. Dixon, Esq.                       2010 Sean M. Fitzpatrick, Esq. 
2009 Corbette S. Doyle, CPCU, ARM       2009 William R. Feldhaus, PhD, CPCU, CLU 
2008 John J. Degnan, JD
2008 Kevin M. LaCroix, Esq., RPLU 
2007 Maurice R. Greenberg 2007 Pualine R. Morley, RPLU, CPCU, ASLI
2006 Christopher J. Cavallaro 2006 Deborah K. Ropelewski, CPCU, AU, ARM 
2005 Theodore A. Boundas 2005 Peter W. Wilson 
2004 Walter Tomenson, Jr. 2004 James A. Young 
2003 Joseph P. Monteleone  2003 William R. Mullin, RPLU 
2002 Harold J. Moskowitz  2002 Christopher J. Cavallaro, RPLU 
2001 Brian Duperreault                            2001 Diana Dean-Spurgeon 
2000 Chirstopher E. Watson 2000 Raymond Wahl 
1999 Jerry L. Woolard  1999 L. David Smith 
1998 Bernard Hengesbaugh  1998 Stephen Marcellino 
1997 Douglas E. Boyce  1997 Stephen J. Sills 
1996 William Brown 1996 Ronald S. Berman 
1995 David Rowland  1995 Rachel McKinney 
1994 Walter A. Rhulen  1994 W.L. "Bill" Holland 
1993 David Z. Webster, RPLU   
1992 Joseph DeAlessandro   
1991 Thomas Kellogg  
1990 Dennis Busti  
1989 Gordon Alston & Sean Pattwell