Exam FAQs

How do I reschedule my exam at a Prometric Testing Site?

Once you've set an exam appointment, it may be rescheduled - subject to the limitations set forth below - by calling Prometric at 866-846-8055. Rescheduled exams must be taken within the original 90-day testing window. Extensions to the 90-day window will not be granted.

The following time limitations and rescheduling fees apply:

  • Less than 3 business days prior to the exam date: You may not reschedule.
  • 3 to 12 business days prior to the exam date: Rescheduling is allowed for a $50 fee. Contact Prometric if you'd like to request a hardship exception.
  • 12 or more business days prior to the exam date: Rescheduling is allowed with no fee but the exam must be taken within the 90-day testing window.
  • Cancellation, no-show or late arrival (15 minutes or more) will result in forfeiture of fees. Fees are not transferable.

How do I reschedule my exam at a Corporate Testing Site?

Exam rescheduling must be done directly through your Corporate Testing Site Administrator. There is a $50 fee for moving an exam from the current testing window to the next window.

Can my company become a Corporate Testing Site?

Yes! To see if your company meets the requirement for becoming a Corporate Testing Site, please contact PLUS.

I have other professional designations. Are there any waivers available for PLUS modules?

Yes, certain core modules can be waived based on other designations and educational background. Click here to view available waivers.

To receive a waiver, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Select the appropriate RPLU Waiver here (click on Page 2) and submit with payment
  2. Upload the required documentation, transcripts, or certificates under the Document Uploads section of the Member Dashboard

Each waiver application is $75. This fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee approval of the waiver application.

I completed exams under the old 5-part RPLU designation program a long time ago. Do I get any cross credit towards the current RPLU program?

Exams based on the original 5-part RPLU program were discontinued January 1, 2009. RPLU students who were not able to complete the designation under the old program are automatically given credit for corresponding exams under the current program.

Click here to view how cross credit is determined.

Have more questions about the RPLU designation in general?

Click here for our RPLU FAQs page.