RPLU Program

The goal of the Registered Professional Liability Underwriter (RPLU) Program is to provide those participating in the program with a broad, basic understanding of the key professional liability disciplines. The RPLU Program is recommended for all professionals active in the field of professional liability.

RPLU is the one credential that sets these professionals apart from others in this specialized segment of the insurance industry. Designees report that earning the RPLU designation has resulted in...

  • 93% of designees' companies provided financial incentive to complete the RPLU
  • 65% report being promoted since earning the RPLU designation
  • 88% report that earning the RPLU has benefited their career
  • 90% report receiving a salary increase since earning the designation

How Do I Earn the RPLU Designation?

To earn the RPLU designation, a student must:

  • Read eight PLUS Curriculum Core Modules and pass the seven corresponding exams; and
  • Read any five PLUS Curriculum Elective Modules and pass the corresponding exams; and
  • Meet the minimum experience requirement, which is two years in the professional liability industry.

How Do I Earn the RPLU+ Designation?

Candidates for the RPLU+ must have first completed the requirements for the RPLU Designation; and then:

Successfully complete the exams for five additional "specialty" modules - modules EXEC-09 - Public / Financial D&O through MISC-23-Cyber Liability.

These five additional exams shall not include exams previously completed to earn the RPLU or for which cross credits from the original RPLU courses were received.

Please note: For RPLU's who completed their designation under the original five-part program, and do not have a background in accounting or finance, we recommend studying Module C-04 Financial Analysis.  Although this module is not required and does not count toward the RPLU+ designation, the skills taught in this module are important, and this material has been added to the new RPLU curriculum.

What is the PLUS Curriculum?

The PLUS Curriculum consists of 23 self-study modules. Designed for adult learners, each module from the curriculum can be used as a stand-alone resource for the professional liability specialist.

**Note - you must have an enrollment key (provided in the Curriculum Module) to access the online activities**

How Do I Earn the Certificate in the Fundamentals of Professional Liability?

This intermediate course of study covers the basic concepts of professional liability insurance and will help students be more effective in their jobs as they enter or continue their career in professional liability insurance.  Many students will complete the Certificate as a first step towards pursuing the RPLU or the RPLU+ designation.

To earn the Certificate in the Fundamentals of Professional Liability, a student must take and pass the following exams:

  • R02 - Fundamentals of Liability / Commercial General Liability Insurance Overview
  • R03 - Professional Liability Insurance Intro
  • R05 - Professional Liability Reinsurance
  • R06 - Professional Liability Claims

Is Continuing Education (CE) Available?

RPLU exams have been approved for Insurance Continuing Education Credits (CE) in the majority of states having CE requirements.  Please click here to see a full chart of approvals and credit hours.


How Do I Sit for an Exam?

Exams are offered throughout the year in two different testing channels.

  • Prometric Testing

Testing is available in over 400 locations internationally at prometric testing sites.  To register for an exam at a Prometric Testing Center, please click this link.

  • Corporate Testing Partners

If you are employed by a Corporate Testing Partner that provides testing at your physical location, you may take RPLU exams on-site at your company.  Please note, all registrations must be received 48 hours prior to desired testing date. For a list of approved Corporate testing locations, windows of eligibility, and the registration form, please click this link.

How Much do the RPLU Exams Cost?

The member price for an RPLU Exam is $140 and the non-member price for an RPLU Exam is $190.  To save money on exams and Curriculum material, become a PLUS Member

Are Waivers Available?

Students may be eligible to waive one or more of the core modules for specific degrees or other designations.  Please click here to see a full chart of waivers. To receive credit for a waiver, a copy of a transcript, certificate or letter certifying your qualification must be submitted to Stephanie Johnson at the PLUS Office.  You can also fax the information to Stephanie at 952-746-2599.

Do I Get Credit for Old RPLU Exams?

If you have taken and passed exams under the old five part RPLU program, those exam credits transfer into the new program.  Please click here for a chart of cross credits.

Now that you know about the RPLU Program, please click here to begin the process of earning your designation!

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