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PLUS welcomes suggestions for event topics and speakers from our members.  If you have an idea for a topic or speaker, please submit the following information to one of the links below. 

2018 PLUS Conference, November 7-9 in San Diego
The submission window for this event is now closed. Submissions will be reviewed and selected topics and/or speakers will be notified individually.

Submit a Webinar Topic 

Please include the following information on your topic submission:

  • Your Contact Information

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  • The Program You Think Your Presentation Best Fits

D&O Symposium, Medical PL Symposium, Cyber Liability Symposium, Professional Risk Symposium (non-medical E&O, Private/non-profit D&O, EPL and Cyber), International Events in Asia or Europe, or Webinar (anything goes).
  • Your Topic Description

Give us a description of the topic and why you think others would like to hear about it.  Include any information you think is relevant to your topic.
  • Additional Speaker Information

Share with us the name, title, company and contact information for any speakers you propose to help present this topic.  If you don't have a specific speaker in mind, give us the types of professionals you think would help enhance the panel discussion (Claims Examiner, Defense Attorney, etc.).

Please Note: Submissions will be forwarded to the event chairs for their consideration.  PLUS will acknowledge receipt of submitted topics.  At their discretion, the event chairs (or staff) may contact you further to seek your involvement or more information.