Online eLearning FAQs

General FAQs:

Which modules are available in this eLearning format?

The Core modules (1 - 8) are currently available in this format.

Does this format offer continuing education (CE) credit?
The modules in this format do not currently offer CE credit. You can get CE credit through this program by taking the exam at a testing center. For more information on this option, please contact PLUS Member Services or call 800.845.0778.

Can I work towards the RPLU designation using this format?

This format counts towards the RPLU designation. If you want to learn more about the designation and how it works, go here.

Can I work towards a PLUS Certificate using this format?
This format counts towards PLUS Certificates as well. If you want to learn more about the PLUS Certificate Programs and how to obtain them, go here.

How will I receive a certificate of completion for the module?

After completing the entire module including the exam, a “Print Completion Certificate” option will be available for you to view and print your certificate.

Once I purchase a module in this format, how do I access it?
To access the module:

  • Login to the PLUS website and go to the Member Dashboard.
  • Under the PLUS eLearning section, click the “Click for Online Courses” link.
  • Click the Go button associated with the module.
  • Click the link to launch the course.

I don’t know my login information. How do I get that information?

Contact Member Services or call 800.845.0778.

Technical FAQs:

Which web browser(s) do you recommend I take the module with?
Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer.

The module isn’t loading/opening for me. What should I do?

Make sure you are using one of the recommended web browsers (see above). You will also need to enable pop ups for and allow Flash to run.

I opened the module and can only access the first lesson . Why is that?
As you complete each lesson including the lesson exam questions, the next lesson will become available. After you have completed all the lessons and their exam questions, all lessons will be available for future reference.

I only see the first lesson’s content but not the exam. Where is it?

The exam questions are at the end of each lesson. You will have to work through the lesson content before the questions are available.

Do I have to complete the module in one session?
No. You can go through the module at your own pace. You are able to start and stop as often as needed.

Once I’ve passed the module, can I access the content again? Will it keep my passed status?

Yes. You can access the content as often as you would like and once you’ve passed the module, your status will remain “passed”.

Have more questions or need help?

Contact PLUS Member Services or call 800.845.0778.