Diversity & Inclusion

The volunteers and staff of PLUS and the PLUS Foundation believe that diversity and inclusion are integral to all that we do. To highlight that commitment, the Boards of both entities have jointly adopted the diversity and inclusion plan below.

Diversity Definition

  • People of all backgrounds, races, cultures, traits, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, physical abilities, family structures and perspectives

Inclusion Definition

  • Creating an environment where differences are equally welcomed and valued

Vision of Success

  • PLUS will engage the industry by being an inclusive global community, providing opportunities for career development, networking and advancement for all members and participants

Diversity and Inclusion Mission

  • PLUS endeavors to create an inclusive environment and an atmosphere open to differences, where each individual has opportunities for professional development

Case for Change

  • In order to be the global community for the professional liability insurance industry and provide relevant and essential education, PLUS must reflect diversity of thought and perspective
  • Diversity will help to advance, develop and enrich the organization
  • Creating a strong culture of diversity and inclusion will help PLUS achieve its mission by:
    • Sustaining membership growth
    • Fostering valuable thought leadership
    • Driving industry advancement of diverse talent by offering development and engagement opportunities
    • Encouraging the industry to increase diverse representation

PLUS Strategic Areas of Focus and Goals

  • Members
    • Grow membership and the quality of engagement through increased diversity
    • Increase the diversity of event attendees and presenters
    • Engage new customers through increased diversity
  • Industry
    • Reach out to partners and share information about D&I initiatives
    • Support initiatives that communicate the benefits of a diverse workforce and leadership in the industry
  • Volunteer Leaders & Staff
    • Offer D&I education and tools for PLUS leaders
    • Support increased diversity in PLUS leadership ranks
    • Develop succession planning for PLUS leadership positions