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We at PLUS understand that networking continues after our events are over. To help facilitate this PLUS offers a host of social media outlets to foster ongoing collaboration and connections to help you succeed in the professional liability industry.

Through the PLUS Blog, our LinkedIn group and our Twitter account, PLUS is working to grow social communities around the PLUS brand. By actively participating in these online communities you can share your expertise and learn from other industry practitioners.




It is the policy of PLUS to strictly comply with the antitrust laws of the United States. These PLUS-sponsored communities may not be used to discuss information about practices or policies not publicly known and competitively sensitive such as rates, rating plans, rating programs, or related information; discounts, rebates or incentive programs, terms of payment, profits, cost, expenses, margins or related matters; policy terms, conditions or limitations; or allocation of customers or territories.

PLUS encourages the use of these groups for the exchange of information and ideas, however, comments or material posted by others may be removed if PLUS determines it is inappropriate or offensive. User-generated content does not represent the opinion of PLUS or its members but is the sole responsibility and opinion of the user generating such content.