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Future PLUS Chapter Representatives & Ambassadors

These volunteers are happy to answer any questions you have about how to become involved with PLUS locally. Look for these friendly faces at your next chapter event and be sure to say “hello!”


Future PLUS Chapter Representative

Andrew Huxley
Senior Underwriter
Intact Financial Corporation


Future PLUS Ambassadors

Jeffrey Ballard
Manager, Management Liability
Liberty Mutual Canada


“PLUS and Future PLUS have provided me with an opportunity to build my professional network and continue my education through my career. I’ve learned a lot from being involved with PLUS - from attending my first PLUS educational event to sitting on the PLUS Steering Committee and organizing various different events for our members, there have been so many opportunities to build out my professional acumen. PLUS has given me the opportunity to meet other like-minded industry professionals and grow my professional network. I am proud to be a part of Future PLUS as it serves an important role in the industry, providing an environment for younger industry professionals to learn and interact. My membership in PLUS continues to give back so much in the form of education and networking and is well worth the investment!”


Allie Pogue, RPLU
Commercial Risk Solutions Broker
Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.  

“Becoming a member of PLUS as a young professional in this industry opened my eyes to a large network of people with whom I have built strong relationships and have grown both professionally and personally alongside in the last 4 years.”



Future PLUS Chapter Representatives

Nicole Putnam
Kennedys CMK LLP


Ayesha West
Vice President


Future PLUS Ambassadors

Jenna Belous
Eastern Territory Underwriter
Berkley Cyber Risk Solutions


Kristen Kaneyuki
Senior Underwriter
Berkley Professional Liability

“Being a member of PLUS has allowed me to access industry events outside of my direct discipline. These events are always extremely educational and help round out my knowledge within the insurance industry as well as tangential businesses. Along with education, PLUS is a great networking tool and enables me to connect with those outside of the D&O space.”


  Allison Tschurjumov
Everest Insurance



Future PLUS Chapter Representative

  Jason Binette
EPL Product Manager
AmTrust Exec

“The biggest benefit of having a PLUS membership is the networking opportunities that exist. The ability to talk to a variety of industry leaders in a relaxed setting is invaluable. It has helped strengthen my knowledge of the industry along with allowing me to build bigger and better relationships with brokers, underwriters, and attorneys.”


Future PLUS Ambassadors

  Sara Pacholski
MPL Underwriter
Business Risk Partners

“PLUS has given me the opportunity to extend my network of brokers, other underwriters, and resources. Future PLUS events have helped form friendships with other industry professionals my age, even if we are competitors! PLUS has an abundance of opportunities for education, volunteering, and networking throughout the year, there is always something to look forward too!”


  Patrick Shannon
Account Manager
Great American Insurance Group, Fidelity/Crime Division

“Prior to joining the Hartford PLUS Chapter this year, I attended social and educational events and really enjoyed them.  I felt compelled to join for the great opportunities to network with local professionals, expand my professional education and volunteer in the local community.  Everyone has been extremely welcoming and helpful thus far.  I am very excited to network with more insurance professionals nationwide through Future PLUS.”



Future PLUS Chapter Representative

Future PLUS Ambassador


Future PLUS Chapter Representative

Leslie Perkins

Liberty Mutual

Future PLUS Ambassadors

  Kevin Mason
Private & Not-for-Profit Management Liability Underwriter


“I have benefited from being a PLUS member as I have pursued my RPLU, attended the 2019 PLUS Conference, and attended Midwest chapter events throughout the year. As a developing professional in management liability, PLUS has introduced me to many people that have provided valuable career advice. PLUS’s course materials have provided great education to me about the product history, underwriting and various products throughout the professional liability space.”


Ryan Nicholson
Senior Underwriter


Northern California

Future PLUS Chapter Representative

  Marty Toth
Vice President
Aspen Insurance

“Being involved with PLUS has helped in advancing my relationships and education which have not only benefitted the progression of my professional career, but also broadened my horizons in the industry.”


Future PLUS Ambassador


North Central States

Future PLUS Chapter Representative

Nick Shaffran
Assistant Vice President


Future PLUS Ambassador



New England

Future PLUS Chapter Representatives

Leo Daley
Vice President
Allied World Assurance Company


Bill Neelon


Future PLUS Ambassador

  Kimberly Hede
Senior Account Manager
Woodruff Sawyer

“The New England PLUS chapter has been a great way for me to build new connections within my local network and strengthen relationships with those I already know in my industry. PLUS has excellent national events as well, which provide helpful educational sessions as well as great networking opportunities.”



Future PLUS Chapter Representative

  Megan D. North, RPLU, MBA
Vice President, Professional Lines Broker
AmWINS Brokerage of Washington
“PLUS is not only a fantastic educational resource, but an organization which affords many beneficial networking opportunities to get to know peers who are as passionate about Professional Liability as I am.”

Future PLUS Ambassador

Southern California

Future PLUS Chapter Representative


  Ali King 
Senior Associate Broker
AmWINS Insurance Brokerage of CA, LLC

“As a member for PLUS for the last 7 years, I’ve enjoyed attending the annual networking and education events. I love to catch up with industry folk while keeping up to date with happenings in the market place. This is my first year as a Steering Committee member and Co-Chair of Future PLUS. I’m looking forward to being a part of planning this event!”


Future PLUS Ambassador

Adena Rogers
Account Executive
RT Specialty, LLC




Future PLUS Chapter Representative

  Brady Kendall
Senior Underwriter Professional Liability
Markel Corporation

“Engaging with my local PLUS chapter has enabled me to network with peers in my discipline, provided leadership opportunities, and deepened my industry knowledge through educational sources that PLUS offers.”


Future PLUS Ambassadors

David Earl
Account Executive
Travelers Bond & Financial Products

  Caroline Van Eyghen
Regional PI / Reinsurance Underwriter

“As a new member of PLUS I have been able to participate in many webinars that have helped my understanding of Professional Lines coverages, especially lines outside of my expertise. I also keep up to date with the PLUS newsletters which includes financial lines oriented articles about current events, claims examples, and general market overviews. This has also been a great opportunity to network with professionals in the area through events and the PLUS community.”



Future PLUS Chapter Representative

Nicholas Rupp
Senior Support Specialist
Markel Corporation


Future PLUS Ambassador

  Victoria M. Dunne
Dunne Law PLLC

“PLUS has introduced me to incredible people who have freely shared their industry experience and genuinely enjoy participating in the advancement of others.”




Future PLUS Chapter Representative

  Caroline Cremer
Senior Specialty Underwriter, M&PL Division
Philadelphia Insurance Companies

"PLUS has helped me connect with other professionals who have provided invaluable advice and guidance. The webinars are a great resource to keep up with emerging trends and how the marketplace is responding."

Future PLUS Ambassadors

Mark Alvarez
Territory Manager
Corvus Insurance


  Matthew R. Doyal
Professional Liability Broker
CRC Insurance Services

“Future PLUS has been a great networking tool for me to meet and develop relationships within the Professional Liability Industry. Insurance is a relationship business and PLUS is a great resource to help you become more successful.”