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Serve on a Committee

Serve on a Committee

These opportunities allow you to engage with PLUS in a more formal capacity. Each has a specific term length, time commitment, and experience requirements.


Event Committees

  • Chapter Steering Committee > Engage members through local networking, social, and service opportunities for your PLUS Chapter. This is a great first step for volunteering with PLUS events. Find your PLUS Chapter and reach out to the Chapter Chair or contact Dan Jenney at PLUS if you're interested in getting involved.
  • Conference Content Subcommittee > Focus on the educational component of the PLUS Conference by developing the different sessions that will take place. Contact Diane Dukes at PLUS if you're interested in getting involved.
  • Conference Committee > Help organize the premier professional liability event of the year by selecting keynote speakers, soliciting sponsorships, and setting the schedule for the PLUS Conference. Members are selected by the Conference Chair.
  • Symposium Chairs (Cyber, D&O, EPL, Healthcare & Medical PL, Transactional Risk) > Chairs are appointed by the PLUS Board of Trustees and use their expertise to help plan one of PLUS’ Symposium events.


Education Committees

  • Trend Advisor (Cyber, D&O, Healthcare & Medical PL, Management & PL) > Add your market insights to the conversation about improving PLUS educational offerings from publications to events. This is the first step for becoming involved in a PLUS educational committee. Contact Megan Moore at PLUS if you're interested in getting involved.
  • Content Advisory Committee (Cyber, D&O, Healthcare & Medical PL, Management & PL) > Broaden PLUS’ educational reach by finding timely webinar topics, suggesting additional educational opportunities PLUS can provide, and counseling on the different Symposia speakers and panels. Members are usually selected from the Trend Advisors.
  • CPLP Designation Committee > Support the CPLP designation and affiliated programs by providing subject matter expertise in cyber professional liability insurance.
  • Curriculum Committee > Evaluate and review the RPLU program, and help PLUS bring RPLU education opportunities to more members.


Other Committees

  • Future PLUS Task Force > Join a task force and work with your team to help PLUS serve the needs of the new generation of insurance professionals. Contact a Future PLUS Leadership Committee member or Erin Stephens at PLUS if you're interested in getting involved.
  • Future PLUS Leadership Committee > Engage Future PLUS members by expanding and improving PLUS’ traditional education, information, and networking offerings. Members are selected from Future PLUS Task Forces.
  • PLUS Foundation Board > Support the PLUS Foundation with development, promotion, and fundraising for the variety of programs available. Members are selected by the PLUS Foundation Board.
  • PLUS Board of Trustees > Review investments, policies, and budgets. The Board also includes the Board Executive Committee; Board Nominations and Leadership Committee; Finance and Audit Committee; and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Allies Committee. Members are selected through a nomination process, which begins each year in May and concludes in October.


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