Serve on the PLUS Board of Trustees


The PLUS Board of Trustees acts on behalf of the membership to fulfill the mission and set the vision for PLUS.  


3-year term, with a maximum of 2 consecutive terms. Nominations in summer, vetted and voted in fall, final appointment (term starts) in November.


  • Establish the strategic objectives for PLUS and empower PLUS staff to act on those objectives within the policy and financial limitations established by the Board and review progress on those objectives
  • Elect Executive Committee Officers (President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Immediate Past President)
  • Establish Board-appointed committees
  • Hire and regularly review the performance of the Executive Director
  • Establish and review major policies of PLUS 
  • Establish the budget for PLUS and review the budget and financial conditions
  • Review investments, investment policies and reserve requirements
  • Adhere to the standards of conduct, confidentiality and conflict of interest policy
  • From time to time, help raise sponsorship and conduct outreach to corporate members and sponsors
  • Be an ambassador of PLUS to your employer, colleagues and community


Must be a current PLUS member 

Experience Requirements

The PLUS Board of Trustees proactively seeks a diversity of candidates, including race, gender, age, geographic location, and practice area. The following qualities are preferred:

  • 10+ years of PL experience
  • Extensive industry knowledge
  • Deep industry connections and resources

Time Commitment

Meet 3-5 times per year in person and/or by conference call as needed

  • For Directors: 40-60 hours annually
  • For Executive Committee: 80-100 hours annually

Slots Available

Up to 15 with 2-5 positions open annually depending on the rotation of existing Trustees

How to Apply

Fill out a nomination form. All nominations are thoughtfully considered by the PLUS Board of Trustees.


Please contact Robbie Thompson, PLUS CEO, at or 952-746-2585.