Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a complete list of modules and what formats they're available in?
Yes, we do! Note that all formats count towards the CPLP designation and all 5 PLUS Certificates.

Click here for a list of modules and their available formats
Click here for more information on purchasing
Click here for digital download-specific FAQs

How often are modules updated?

The most recent round of updates were completed in 2017. This includes modules and their corresponding exams. Click here for a list of all current edition dates. We always recommend having the most current edition so that you're best prepared for the exam.

How much do modules cost?

Pricing depends on which format you choose. Click here for detailed pricing information.

I already have my RPLU or RPLU+ designation. Do I have to retake any of the modules?
Since Modules 1, 2, 3, and 6 are required as part of the RPLU and RPLU+ designations, you do not need to retake these in order to pursue the CPLP designation. Additionally, if you've already taken Module 23 as part of your RPLU or RPLU+ designation, you do not need to retake this either.

Do I have to be a PLUS member to pursue the CPLP designation?
Yes, as of January 2022, all PLUS events, products, etc. are available to PLUS members only. As such, you must be a member in order to complete your designation. However, membership is free as of January 2022! Additionally, you must be a current member at the time of your 2-year renewal period once you've earned the designation. Click here for more information on joining PLUS.

Are there any prerequisites for the CPLP designation?
No, there are no prerequisites for the designation and you are not required to study modules in any particular order.

How much time should I expect to dedicate to earning the CPLP designation?
Below are estimated times required for each part of the designation:

  • Module 1 & 2 | 7.5 hours
  • Module 3 | 9 hours
  • Module 6 | 6.5 hours
  • Module 23 | 8 hours
  • Attending the PLUS Cyber University live virtual program | 3 days
  • Completing the Held for Ransom eLearning course | 30 - 60 minutes

Do I have to complete the designation in a certain amount of time?

No, there is no time limit on completing the designation so you can feel free to go at your own pace. To ensure you have the most current content, we strongly recommend that you order a module(s) when you're able to commit to studying and taking the corresponding exam.

I have other professional designations or experience in the Cyber Liability industry. Are there any waivers available for PLUS modules?

Yes, certain Core modules can be waived based on other designations and educational background. Additionally, attendance for Cyber University can be waived with industry experience. Click here to view available waivers.

To receive a waiver, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Select the appropriate waiver and submit with payment. Waivers are available for purchase online here (click to Page 2) or by downloading and completing the PLUS Designation Waiver Application here.
  2. Upload the required documentation, transcripts, or certificates under the Document Uploads section of the Member Dashboard

Each waiver application is $75. This fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee approval of the waiver application.

How do I take an exam?

PLUS is working on an exciting new online testing option. Until this change takes effect, there will be a blackout period for in-person exams through May 15, 2022. As a test-taker, here are your options (effective immediately):

  • If you’re looking to start Modules 1 – 11, 15, 17, or 23
    You can purchase the online eLearning format here, which includes both the module content you study and the exam questions. Note: This exam is not eligible for Continuing Education credit. It does, however, count towards any of PLUS’s Designations and Certificates.

  • If you’ve already purchased a digital download or hardcopy module and need to take the exam
    You can purchase the corresponding online exam here. If the exam is not available for purchase, please contact our Designation Manager, Stephanie Johnson, for options.

  • If you need Continuing Education
    We ask for your patience until May 15th. By then, we should have the new system implemented to allow for online exams that are eligible for Continuing Education.

I've completed all of the courses for the CPLP designation. Now what?
Once you've
completed all of the requirements, please be sure to complete the CPLP Agreements Form and send it to Stephanie Johnson. She'll then be in touch with final steps and paperwork to finalize your designation.

Have more questions?

Contact Stephanie Johnson at 800.845.0778 extension 583.