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Only those needing continuing education (CE) credit for their state insurance license should purchase a CE-eligible module package.

If you do not need CE credit for a state insurance license, please purchase a non-CE eligible module here.

Both CE- and non-CE eligible modules count towards PLUS designations and certificates when completed in their entirety.

Purchasing a CE-eligible module package means that you must:

  1. Complete the eLearning module in its entirety, and
  2. Pass the cumulative exam in a proctored testing setting through Prometric

Failing to complete both the eLearning module and the proctored exam makes you ineligible for receiving credit towards:

  • A PLUS designation
  • A PLUS certificate, and/or
  • CE credit for a state insurance license


Prometric has strict guidelines and requirements for their proctored exams. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the proctored exam options and requirements prior to selecting the CE-eligible module package:


CE-Eligible Module Packages

  • CE-eligible module packages include 2 separate components: the eLearning module and a proctored cumulative exam registration. Exam questions are not included in the eLearning module.
  • You have 365 days from purchase to complete the eLearning module in its entirety and pass the proctored cumulative exam through Prometric. If your exam registration expires or you fail your exam, you’ll need to purchase a re-take exam registration ($75).
  • All communications regarding your exam will come from Prometric’s partner, SMT Notice/IQT Testing, including:
    • Pre-Registration Letter | This email is sent after you purchase a CE-eligible module package and includes instructions for scheduling your exam. You won't be able to schedule your exam prior to receiving this email.
    • Examination Admission Letter | This email is sent after you schedule your proctored exam and includes a link to print your receipt and Candidate Admission Letter, as well as testing procedures, system testing requirements and arrival/check-in procedures.
    • For all questions related to scheduling, rescheduling, cancellation, testing requirements, etc., please contact Prometric directly.
  • Submit your CE request here any time prior to taking your proctored exam - or up to 5 days after completing your exam. Any requests received more than 5 days after completing an exam cannot be processed in accordance with state insurance department regulations. Click here to view CE approvals by state. All CE requests must be made through PLUS, not Prometric.


Additional Information

  • All PLUS products, events, etc. are available exclusively to PLUS members only. Not a member yet? Click here to join at no cost!
  • Click here for answers to general and technical eLearning module questions.


Return Policy

All eLearning module sales are final after 90 days from date of purchase. PLUS will allow for a return or exchange of an eLearning module within 90 days as long as:

  • The eLearning module has not been started.
  • The eLearning module is exchanged for another module of the same eligibility status (i.e. CE-eligible modules can only be exchanged for other CE-eligible modules; non-CE eligible modules can only be exchanged for non-CE modules).

Additionally, there are no substitutions for modules included in sets (e.g. CPLP or ExecPLP Designation sets, Certificate sets, etc.). If you've received a waiver or have otherwise completed a module that is included in a set, there are no discounts or exchanges allowed for a waived or completed module(s).

Hard copy or digital download modules and standalone exam products, which were discontinued in December of 2022, are not eligible for return.

PLUS reserves the right to use its discretion when enforcing this policy. Please contact with any questions.



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