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How to Earn the RPLU Designation

The PLUS Curriculum, comprised of 23 comprehensive learning modules, focuses on the major lines of professional liability. These modules are also part of the education required to achieve the Registered Professional Liability Underwriter (RPLU) designation.

The RPLU designation provides you with a broad understanding of the key professional liability disciplines. This designation is recommended for anyone active in the field of professional liability.

Once you've earned your RPLU designation, you can continue your learning by completing 5 additional elective modules and their corresponding exams, thus earning the RPLU+ designation.

How do I earn the RPLU designation?

To earn the RPLU designation, you must:

  • Be a member of PLUS
  • Have a minimum of 2 years of professional liability industry experience
  • Complete the 8 Core modules and pass the corresponding exams
  • Complete 5 Elective modules and pass the corresponding exams
  • Note: Modules 1 - 8 are considered Core modules; Modules 9 - 23 are considered Elective modules. Additionally, Module 1 does not have a corresponding exam; all other modules do have a corresponding exam.
  • Complete the RPLU Agreement Form after you've completed the above requirements and send it to Designation & Curriculum Manager, Stephanie Johnson


How do I earn the RPLU+ designation?

To earn the RPLU+ designation, you must:


Which modules count towards the RPLU/RPLU+ designation?

Required Module RPLU RPLU+
Core Modules    
1 | Fundamentals of Liability Insurance
Note: There is no corresponding exam for this module
2 | Commercial General Liability Insurance: Overview X X
3 | Professional Liability Insurance: Introduction X X
4 | Financial Analysis X X
5 | Professional Liability Reinsurance X X
6 | Professional Liability Insurance Claims X X
7 | Medical Professional Liability Insurance: Introduction X X
8 | Directors & Officers Liability Insurance: Introduction X X

Elective Modules
Module 9 - 23 are considered Elective Modules

Any 5 Elective Modules X  
Additional 5 Elective Modules   X


Do I have to do anything to maintain the RPLU designation after I earn it?

No, you're not required to complete any continuing education or maintenance related to this designation. Once you earn it, your designation remains valid for life.


Do you have an easily accessible list of modules?

Yes, we do! All of our modules are available in the online eLearning format and can be purchased in either a CE-eligible or non-CE eligible package. The difference between the two packages is simply how you will take the exam. Click here for a list of modules, their copyright dates, package details, and pricing.

Ready to get started?

There is no application or matriculation process. Simply start by purchasing your first module. Click here for more information on purchasing modules and exams.


Have more questions?

Check out the RPLU FAQs or contact Designation & Curriculum Manager, Stephanie Johnson.