PLUS Event Policies

Satellite/Client Event Policy
Satellite events must not conflict with any PLUS event-related activities.  Hospitality suites and hosted events must be private and by invitation only and approved in advance.  PLUS reserves the right to postpone or delay any function conflicting with an official PLUS event related function.

Smoke-free Policy
All PLUS events are non-smoking.  Each venue will have a designated smoking area based on the state the event is being held.  In many cases, that may be outdoors.  Staff at each venue can direct you to the designated smoking area.

Drink Responsibly
PLUS’ official policy regarding minimum age for alcohol consumption is the age applicable to the jurisdiction of the event venue.  PLUS encourages you to drink responsibly and refrain from driving after consuming alcoholic beverages.  The event venues have the right to refuse serving alcohol to anyone they believe might intoxicated and they have the duty to request photo ID if they believe the guest is under drinking age.

Registration Substitutions
Onsite registration substitutions may be accepted; however, additional fees may apply depending on registration type and date of original registration.  Check with PLUS staff at the registration desk for details.

Badge Policy 
Your name badge will be required for admission to all PLUS events.  No exceptions will be made.  If you lose your badge, you will need to get a replacement (at no cost) at the PLUS Registration desk.

Safety and Medical Emergencies
The safety and security of our attendees is of the utmost importance to PLUS.  Should an emergency arise, please locate a PLUS staff member immediately.  If the situation requires immediate medical care, always call 911 first.  In the event of an emergency at the venue, please contact in-house security on a house phone or locate a PLUS staff member for assistance.

Travel Safely
We believe the best travel experience comes from careful planning. Please consider reviewing the following travel reference guide before traveling.

Special Needs and/or Dietary Requests:
PLUS will do whatever it can to accommodate special needs (Visual/Audio/Mobile disabilities).  On each educational event registration form, PLUS requests the attendee complete this information so we can follow up to ensure we are meeting the specific request in advance.  PLUS will do its best to accommodate dietary and/or food allergy requests provided in advance; however PLUS events are not certified allergy-free events.