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Contribute to the PLUS Blog

The Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS) Blog is a fantastic way to deliver your message to the PLUS membership of over 37,000 professional liability practitioners. PLUS has regular Blog contributors and also welcomes one-off posts by members who wish to contribute.

We encourage our blog contributors to share their thoughts, theories and ideas on industry topics in order to generate conversations and feedback. Below are recommendations/guidelines to help you develop your post for the PLUS Blog.

  • Recommend 1500-2000 words or 10-30 minutes for an audio or video post.
  • Link to other blog posts and external resources to support your message.
  • Think about including multimedia or recording an audio or video blog.
  • Consider these writing styles for blogs:


    Personal Narrative
    An essay style, personal account of something within the PL industry.
    This style is meant to highlight shock value to generate reader engagement.
    Answers questions, mysteries and problems of interest to readers.
    This style is the “top 10 lists” that are often seen in many industries.
    Your response to a previously published article to elicit a debate.
    Bringing together various ideas or solutions to one place and discussing them.
    A series of steps or how-to list.
    An interview of someone within the industry that provides great insight.

    Submitting your blog post to PLUS


    Before submitting an article please complete the content idea form here to share your idea with PLUS staff who will work with you on determining the best content channel and time frame.

    Questions about contributing to the PLUS Blog?
    Please contact Tyla Holland at

    PLUS strictly adheres to all laws and regulations, including antitrust laws. Authors must refrain from any discussions regarding specific pricing, terms, customers, or territories, or any other matters that could provide even the appearance of a violation of the antitrust laws. By contributing to the PLUS Blog, you represent that all materials submitted are original, or that you have obtained all necessary permissions or licenses from any persons or organizations whose materials are included in your post. You consent to PLUS’ use and distribution of all or part of your presentation and related materials.