Find a Mentor to Unlock Valuable Opportunities

Future PLUS members are invited to apply to be mentees of the Future PLUS Mentorship Program.

Benefits for Mentees

  • Gain insight from a more senior member of PLUS on your career path
  • Work toward goals that you define with your mentor including skill development, career guidance, and professional growth
  • Gain a different perspective on your professional challenges or aspirations
  • Expand your network with experienced individuals in the professional liability industry

Mentee Responsibilities

  • Initiate contact to schedule the first mentoring session
  • Be prepared for your mentoring sessions
  • Make every attempt to keep scheduled mentoring sessions and be respectful of your mentor’s time
  • Be honest and open to feedback
  • Build trust by keeping discussions confidential
  • Establish goals, identify benefits, be proactive in driving the relationship forward
    • Asking for advice, following up on action items, etc.
  • Access and utilize the mentoring content on the Together Platform