Asia Certificate Module 2: Introduction to Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

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The past several decades have seen an increase in lawsuits against corporate directors and officers, private companies, and non-profit organizations. Shareholders, employees, customers, and the government can all file lawsuits against these entities. Similarly, the regulatory environment has become more complex and onerous for companies and their directors. The need for Directors and Officers (D&O) liability insurance has never been greater. You may think that D&O coverage is only for large, public companies. However, the directors and officers of small, private companies and even non-profit organizations now have a greater risk of D&O lawsuits than they did in the past. Understanding the exposures that directors and officers face, as well as the coverage and protection provided by D&O liability insurance, increases your value to both your company and to your clients. This module introduces you to the types of exposures and coverage offered, and your role in providing this important product to your client companies. This introductory module prepares you to move on to the next more detailed Asia Module 3: Public Directors & Officers Liability Insurance.

This module is designed for:

  • Agents/brokers who are new to selling D&O liability insurance or who would like a better understanding of potential exposures for directors, officers, and organizations.
  • Underwriters who have no prior experience specifically with D&O Policies or who would benefit from a better understanding of how to assess D&O liability risks.
  • Claims professionals who have no prior experience with D&O liability insurance claims or who would like a better understanding of the D&O claims process.
  • Personnel in insurance companies who write D&O coverage.
  • Risk managers or others who would benefit from an introduction to D&O liability insurance.

This module waives Module 8: Directors & Officers Liability Insurance: Introduction as part of the RPLU designation.

Module and exam copyright date: 2022

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