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General FAQs


How are eLearning modules formatted?

eLearning modules contain interactive content broken down into lessons. Lessons may include handouts and job aids, knowledge checks and application activities, and action commitments to help you apply what you've learned on the job. Once you get through an entire lesson, it will be marked as complete. Lessons are unlocked at all times so you can move freely between lessons without needing to complete preceeding lesson(s).

If you purchase a non-CE eligible module package: There are lesson exams after each lesson. Like lessons themselves, lesson exams are unlocked at all times. Please note that, while you can move freely between lessons and lesson exams, each lesson and lesson exam must be marked as complete in order for the module to be considered complete and, in turn, count towards any PLUS designation or certificate.

If you purchase a CE-eligible module package: You will not have access to lesson exams as you're required to take a proctored exam through Prometric. Registration for this proctored exam is included in your purchase of a CE-eligible module package. Like lessons within a non-CE eligible module, you can move freely between unlocked lessons, but each lesson must be marked as complete in order to count towards any PLUS designation or certificate.


How much CE credit can I earn with a CE-eligible module package?

CE credits vary by module. Click here to view an approval chart that shows how many credits each module's exam is approved for by state.


What if I don't pass the lesson exam on the first try?

If you have a non-CE eligible module: You have unlimited attempts to pass the lesson exams in the eLearning module format. There is also no time limit on each lesson exam.

If you have a CE-eligible module: You do not need to purchase a whole new module package. Instead, you can purchase a re-take exam for $75. A link to purchase a re-take exam, should you need to, is included in your confirmation email from Prometric. You can also contact


Will I receive a certificate of completion for the module?

If you have a non-CE eligible module: After completing the entire module, a “Print Completion Certificate” option will be available for you to view and print your certificate.

If you have a CE-eligible module: You will not have a certificate option after completing the eLearning module. Instead, you will receive a copy of your grade report from Prometric after completing your proctored exam.


Can I print an eLearning module after I purchase it?

Since this format is based entirely online and is interactive, there is not a printing function available.


Once I purchase an eLearning module, how do I access it?

You should have immediate access to an eLearning module after purchase. To access the module:

  • Login to the PLUS website and go to the Member Dashboard.
  • Under the PLUS Essentials section, click the Click for Online Courses link.
  • Click on the My Learning Activities section.
  • Click the Go button associated with the module.


What's the return policy?

After 90 days from purchase, all eLearning module sales are final. However, after 90 days, PLUS will allow for an exchange of the eLearning module for another eLearning module of the same or lesser value as long as the eLearning module has not been started.

Hard copy or digital download modules and standalone exam products, which were discontinued in December of 2022, are not eligible for return. Please contact with any questions.


I don’t know my login information. How do I get that information?



Technical FAQs


Which web browser(s) do you recommend I take the module with?

The most up-to-date versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the recommended web browsers at this time. In general, we do not recommend using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.


The module isn’t loading/opening for me. What should I do?

Make sure you are using the recommended web browsers (see above). You will also need to enable pop ups for and allow Flash to run.

I opened the module and can only access the first lesson. Why is that?

If you purchased your eLearning module prior to July 22, 2022: Each lesson is locked until you view the entire lesson and complete the lesson exam questions. After completing the lesson and exam questions, the next lesson will become available. After you have completed all the lessons and their exam questions, all lessons will be available for future reference. You will not need to take any additional or cumulative exams.

If you purchased your eLearning module after July 22, 2022: Each lesson and its corresponding exam questions have been separated. Additionally, all lessons and exam questions are unlocked at all times. This means you can move between lessons and exam questions more easily. Please note, however, that you still need to view each lesson in its entirety and complete each lesson exam in order for the module to be considered "complete" and have it count towards your PLUS Certificate and/or Designation.

Do I have to take a cumulative exam after completing a non-CE eligible eLearning module?

No, eLearning modules do not have a cumulative exam. Instead, exam questions are broken out by lesson.


Do I have to complete the module in one session?

No, you can go through the module at your own pace. You are able to start and stop as often as needed.

Once I’ve passed the module, can I access the content again? Will it keep my passed status?

Yes. You can access the content as often as you would like and once you’ve passed the module, your status will remain “passed.” Additionally, as modules are reviewed and updated in the future, you will automatically have access to that new version of the eLearning module.


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