Protect Your Clients—Don’t Overlook IP and Media Liability Insurance 

Are you hearing more about the need for intellectual property (IP) and media liability insurance? Typical commercial insurance programs (even sophisticated ones) do not cover IP or media liability claims. The need for IP liability insurance includes large companies and smaller companies whose IP is their primary asset. Also, patent infringement suits against companies, which are very expensive, continue to rise.

Media liability coverage is becoming more of a focus for many companies, as they are becoming nontraditional publishers because they have websites and engage with social media. Moreover, as companies continue to employ to generate and curate content using artificial intelligence, there will likely be a rise in copyright infringement, defamation, and invasion of privacy claims.

IP and media liability insurance policies are not standard and continue evolving quickly, making it difficult to get the best protection for these emerging risks. The “Intellectual Property and Media Liability Market Survey,” a recently released The Betterley Report, equips you with the tools to be an expert in the IP and media markets. The report’s 65 pages of charts include meaningful and detailed comparisons for each insurer, their market focus, specific coverage wording, extensions, capacity, and risk management services. Learn the leading insurers’ different approaches on multiple topics, such as the following.

  • Which insurers offer patent defense coverage and the extent of the defense offered
  • The most critical exclusions applicable to patent infringement coverage
  • A comparison of the most vital media liability coverages
  • The six most important media liability exclusions
  • The risk management services offered by patent infringement and media liability insurers

Moreover, the report highlights the IP market’s stability and potential for growth and discusses the untapped potential for media liability insurance’s growth.

All specialty lines insurance professionals should get The Betterley Report today to master the IP and media liability insurance market! You can read the executive summary in PDF form below and you can find additional report highlights and order the full report here.

PLUS Summary – Intellectual Property and Media Liability Market Survey (April 2024)

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