The PLUS Think Tanks are a new volunteer role that provides PLUS staff with valuable insights on a variety of professional liability insurance markets. Think Tanks meets 2-3 times per year to provide ideas for the PLUS Symposium as well as the other PLUS content channels including webinars, the PLUS Blog, and podcasts. During the PLUS Healthcare and Medical PL Think Tank call in October, the group discussed several topics and areas of interest for professional liability practitioners including:

  • Sexual abuse and molestation claims
  • Expansion of generative AI
  • The criminalization of healthcare
  • Jury awards and nuclear verdicts
  • The intersection of healthcare/medical and cyber
  • Staffing crisis in long term care and pharmacies
  • Potential medication shortages
  • Allied providers and scope of practice
  • Litigation funding
  • Private equity
  • Emerging issues including mental health, ketamine administration, gender affirmative care particularly for youth, and reproductive healthcare
  • The talent shortage in Medical Professional Liability Insurance industry

PLUS would like to thank the Healthcare and Medical PL Think Tank members for sharing their time and expertise with PLUS.

  • Brad Ash, ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company
  • Bill Fleming, RPLU, Segment Risk
  • Dennis Fox, CPLP, RPLU, Brown & Riding
  • Richard Henderson, TransRe
  • Patricia Marzella-Graubart, Swiss Re
  • Maureen Maughan, Lexington Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Jonathan Midwell, Cole, Scott & Kissane
  • Eric Paynter, RPLU, Hanover Insurance
  • Gabe Villalpando, CPLP, RPLU, Burns & Wilcox

Do you have a Healthcare or Medical PL-related content idea that you would like considered for the PLUS content channels? If so, you can complete the PLUS Content Idea form here.

The PLUS Healthcare and Medical PL Symposium will be taking place May 8th-10th in Orlando, FL. You can find more information and register here.

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