This summer, our blog contributors have been very busy creating valuable content for our members. Take a look what new podcasts and articles we have released this June-August. Click on each title below to view the blog post.

Written Content:

  • Professional Liability Risks & Trends Series: Bill Fleming — In this blog series, PLUS consults industry experts to discuss current trends in the market. This edition features Bill Fleming, a regular contributor to PLUS curriculum and content. In this interview, Bill highlights risks and trends in Medical and Healthcare Professional Liability.
  • Consider the Charge Before Responding to an EEOC Investigation — In this article, author Holly Hamilton discusses why employment attorneys who represent businesses should be mindful of the limitations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions (EEOC) investigatory powers.
  • A Day in the Life Series: Mike Galati — In this edition of A Day In The Life, we will give readers an idea of what the typical day looks like for a Claims Director. Mike Galati from Berkley Professional Liability has generously volunteered to enlighten our audience with his insights. In this edition we will discuss Mikes background, the skills that lead to a successful career as a Claims Director and what the industry can do to attract more young talent.
  • Professional Liability Risks & Trends Series: Chris Zanchelli — This edition of Professional Liability Risks & Trends features Chris Zanchelli, a well-known professional in the Management Liability space. In this interview, Chris highlights risks and trends in the D&O market such as social inflation and cyber exposure.
  • Legal Considerations on the Precipice of Artificial Intelligence Replacing Physicians — In this blog post, Betsy Baydala and Janine Luckie discuss legal considerations on a health care providers use of AI to aid in the screening of breast cancer, what avenues could be pursued in the event a patient is harmed by AI due to a missed diagnosis of cancer, and what to expect if AI shifts from a second reader to the sole reader of imaging studies.
  • Professional Liability Risks and Trends Series: Brenda Shelly — This edition of Professional Liability Risks & Trends features Brenda Shelly, a prominent figure in the Directors and Officers space. In this interview, Brenda highlights risks and trends in the D&O market such as the rise of Artificial Intelligence and increasing scrutiny over privacy issues.
  • Understanding Evolving Data Breach Reporting Obligations and Your Insurance Coverage — In this blog post, authors John Butler, Steve Stransky, and Thora Knight discuss considerations regarding personal data breach reporting obligations and federal cybersecurity reporting requirements.
  • Executive Summary: The Betterley Reports Cyber Privacy Insurance Market Survey2023 — With new cyber threats continuing to emerge, the need for cyber insurance is even more critical. However, cyber insurance forms are not standard and continue to change rapidly. The Betterley Reports Cyber/Privacy Insurance Market Survey 2023 gives you the tools to be an expert in cyber insurance coverage. The report reviews the state of the current market. It compares 23 insurers in this years edition with over 100 pages of comparison charts. The report analyzes the most important stories and emerging issues in cyber insurance. For example, learn the different approaches carriers take on war exclusions and losses resulting from state-sponsored acts of terrorism. Moreover, the report analyzes the continuing impact of ransomware on the cyber market. Specialty lines insurance professionals should get the report today to master the cyber market.
  • The Best Ways to Access the Latest Professional Liability Insights — As a member of the Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS), you gain exclusive access to industry insights through our weekly newsletters, free webinars, on-demand podcasts, and groundbreaking news articles. This blog post will walk you through the best ways to stay in the loop.
  • Are You Getting the Most out of Your PLUS Membership? — As a PLUS member, you have access to a multitude of resources including curriculum, national events, online content, and more. You also have access to a vast network of professional liability practitioners with expertise in all Professional Lines at varying experience levels. View this blog post to see what benefits PLUS offers and if you are utilizing the offerings that matter the most to you.
  • Basic Security Can Prevent Small Businesses From Losing Millions — When it comes to cyber security incidents, describing the fallout can be abstract and hard to quantify. There can be vagaries to describe the damage wrought across different industries and organizations, as each may have a unique risk profile that impacts losses and recovery. Yet one thing is certain, a cyber attack on a business can cause significant damage to a business, one that may even threaten its very existence.
  • Education Amplified: Highlights and Takeaways from PLUS University — PLUS welcomed over 70 practitioners who have recently joined the professional liability field to PLUS University on August 14th & 15th in Chicago to experience the premier educational program for new professional liability practitioners. Read this blog post to learn more about the event and view event photos.

Podcast Content:

  • PLUS Podcast: The Employment Law Counselor hosted by Jeff Stewart Episode 3 — Two new laws the PUMP Act and the Pregnancy Worker Fairness Act have recently been passed and put new requirements on employers. In this episode, host Jeff Stewart is joined by Tanya Salgado, and they dive into what employers must do to comply with these new laws and what policies will need to be updated.
  • PLUS Podcast: In the Boardroom with Resnick and Fuller Episode 5 — In this episode, Stephanie and John discuss the broad topic of banks and banking and how corporate boards and officers should think about their banking options in light of the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and fears of the potential for similar collapses. They are joined by Chris Pippett, a Fox Rothschild Partner who chairs the firms Financial Services Industry Practice Group and frequently advises banks and other financial institutions on corporate governance issues. This wide-ranging discussion will touch on best practices for companies and boards, including knowing your bank and its position; diversifying banking relationships; the components of conducting due diligence; and how to think about risk management as it applies to a company’s banking choices.
  • PLUS Podcast: Demystifying NFTs Episode 4 — In Demystifying NFTs Episode 4, Alice Budge, Jennifer Stivrins and Vito Marzano welcome guest contributor, Dave Sigmundson of Kroll to the podcast. Dave leads the group in a discussion on cybersecurity for digital assets including NFTs, common cybersecurity risks for NFTs, and the threat of quantum computing. Stay tuned to the end for a bonus chat on Dave’s thoughts on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on cyber crime.
  • PLUS Podcast: The Employment Law Counselor hosted by Jeff Stewart Episode 4 — In the newest episode of the Employment Law Counselor hosted by Jeff Stewart in collaboration with Professional Liability Underwriting Society, John Baker, Attorney, joins the chat titled Retaliation Claims are on the Rise. Jeff and John cover various instances of retaliation complaints and provisions, while also presenting examples of protected activity of employees and adverse employment actions and consequences.
  • PLUS Podcast: In the Boardroom with Resnick and Fuller Episode 6 — In this episode, Stephanie and John discuss a recent Supreme Court decision that has the potential to upset well-settled law on the fundamental question of when a court may exercise jurisdiction over a corporate defendant. Ultimately, the decision enforced a Pennsylvania law requiring out-of-state companies that register to do business in Pennsylvania to agree to appear in Pennsylvania courts on any cause of action against them. The plaintiff in the case is a Norfolk Southern employee who lives in Virginia and never worked in Pennsylvania. Stephanie and John will explore the short-term and long-term effects of the Mallory decision, including whether it will lead to forum shopping and the possibility of similar cases in other states. Finally, they’ll talk about what companies should do now to minimize exposure and the very real possibility that the Pennsylvania statute will be challenged on other grounds.

Webinar Content:

  • Challenges, Risks, and Trends in Construction-Related Professional Liability Insurance Webinar Recap — This webinar, hosted by Joseph Nawa of RT Environmental & Construction Professional Liability Practice, provides an overview of the construction-related professional liability insurance trends as well as insights into the state of the marketplace and the conditions likely to impact this highly specialized field. Anticipated claims activity, the possible increased scrutiny on specific claims areas, and the potential availability of new coverages will also be discussed. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the current industry challenges, strategies designed to overcome these challenges, and ways to mitigate risks that could potentially impair an insureds bottom line.
  • Social Inflation Webinar Recap — Whilst not new as a concept, social inflation is often used as justification for rate increases in renewal discussions in liability classes. This webinar will explore what is meant by the term ‘social inflation’, the drivers of social inflation, why it’s different today compared to ten years ago, and what can be done to mitigate the impact of social inflation. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the causes and consequences of social inflation and how this can impact insurance renewals.
  • Directors & Officers Liability, The Side A, B, Cs of Derivative Lawsuits Webinar Recap — This webinar discusses coverage under D&O Liability Insurance, how it responds to the unique nature of derivative lawsuits, and the recent surge in derivative claims frequency, severity, and complexity. Attendees will learn the critical areas of coverage for derivative claims, how Side A comes into play, and why derivative claims are the new high-risk exposure in the D&O space.

Be sure to look for more episodes from your favorite current podcast series, more commentary on current market trends, and other new content that is always exclusive to PLUS.

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