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The Founders Award recognizes a member of PLUS who has made lasting and outstanding contributions to the Society. The award is presented in honor of PLUS Founder Angelo J. Gioia. Criteria used when selecting the Founders Award recipient include membership in PLUS, participation in PLUS activities, creativity and innovation when needed to address PLUS tasks, amount of time and effort dedicated to the organization, promotion of PLUS in the industry and to the public in general, or other contributions to the image of PLUS, and involvement in developing, implementing, improving and/or continuing PLUS programs.

Past Founders Award Winners

Paul Greve, JD, RPLU (2022)   Kevin M. LaCroix, Esq., RPLU (2008)
Heather Fox (2021)   Pauline R. Morley, RPLU, CPCU, ASLI (2007)
David B. Williams (2020)   Deborah K. Ropelewski, CPCU, AU, ARM (2006)
Frederick Fisher (2019)   Peter W. Wilson (2005)
Michael Cavallaro (2018)   James A. Young (2004)
James G. Stewart, RPLU (2017)   William R. Mullin, RPLU (2003)
Phil N. Norton, PhD (2016)   Christopher J. Cavallaro, RPLU (2002)
Jeffrey R. Lattmann (2015)   Diana Dean-Spurgeon (2001)
Greg Buonocore (2014)   Raymond Wahl (2000)
Daniel J. Standish, Esq. (2013)   L. David Smith (1999)
Daniel Auslander, RPLU (2012)   Stephen Marcellino (1998)
Jeffrey P. Klenk (2011)   Stephen J. Sills (1997)
Sean M. Fitzpatrick, Esq. (2010)   Ronald S. Berman (1996)
William R. Feldhaus, PhD, CPCU, CLU (2009)   Rachel McKinney (1995)
    W.L. "Bill" Holland (1994)