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A Day in the Life Series, brought to you by FuturePLUS, dives into different roles in the Professional Liability industry to give readers an idea of what a typical day for the role looks like.



Claims Director - Mike Galati

In this edition of A Day In The Life, Mike Galati from Berkley Professional Liability has generously volunteered to enlighten our audience with his insights. Claims Directors generally handle the claim process for the organization that they represent by communicating with brokers, insureds and defense counsel to track the progression of claims, reviewing the applicability of coverage provided by the insurance policy, strategizing on methods for resolution and participating in mediations. 
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Senior Counsel - Lori O’Brien

In this edition of A Day In The Life, Lori O'Brien from Munich Re has provided us with insight to enlighten our audience with her experience. Senior Counsel is a broad title that can encompass many variations on similar roles. But typically responsibilities can include things like providing legal advice, assistance, support and counsel to various internal or external clients; performing compliance reviews or audits and various other tasks.
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Account Executive - Carlos Serio

In this edition of A Day In The Life, Carlos Serio from Marsh has kindly volunteered to give our audience an exclusive look into the typical Day In The Life of this fast-paced career. Account Executives are responsible for the holistic management of individual accounts, serving as a main point of contact, liaison, and trusted advisor to their clients. In this edition we will discuss Carlos’s background, the variety in his daily tasks, the skills that ensure success in this position, and finally, for what has become the trademark of this blog, a picture of his adorable dog, Mupsy.
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Senior Broker - Cooper O’Connor

In this edition of A Day In The Life, we explore the role of Senior Broker. Cooper O’Connor from Burns & Wilcox has generously volunteered to provide readers with a glimpse into his typical work day and discusses his favorite parts of being a broker, the soft skills that make for a successful broker, tips for holding meetings and advice for newer brokers. Insurance Brokers are responsible for facilitating insurance transactions. Typically, this involves assisting with the purchase of insurance coverage. Insurance Brokers commonly work for retail insurance agencies or wholesale brokerage companies.
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Risk Consultant - Ann Fiala

This edition of A Day In The Life provides a glimpse into what the typical day looks like for a Risk Consultant. Ann Fiala from Covers has generously volunteered to enlighten our audience with her insights. Risk Consultants work with assigned clients to assist them in identifying and mitigating risk in their organizations. At Covers, Ann also handles a ‘consultation line’ for urgent issues, for those clients that do not meet the threshold to have a dedicated consultant. In addition to direct client work, Risk Consultants often create risk management resources based on most frequent client questions and/or pain points within the client’s insurance space.
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