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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of this certificate program?

This certificate program provides a strong foundation in underwriting and policy wording on Directors and Officers Liability (D&O) and Professional Liability (PI), arming the participant with practical skills and knowledge in insurance concepts applicable to D&O and PI. The program serves as an excellent complement to on-the-job-training.


Who is the target audience for this certificate program?

Those early in their career, new to D&O and PI, or looking for a refresher will benefit from the curriculum.


Do I have to be a PLUS member to earn the Certificate in Asia Professional Liability Insurance?

Yes, you must be a member in order to complete any PLUS designation or certificate program. Click here for more information on joining PLUS for free.


Are there any prerequisites for the certificate program? Do I need a legal background?

No, there are no prerequisites, and a legal background is not necessary for the certificate. The information is presented in a manner that is accessible to all professionals in the industry, and does not need to be studied in any particular order.


Are the modules required for the Certificate in Asia Professional Liability Insurance different from the PLUS Curriculum modules?

Yes. Although the three modules required for this certificate program are based on modules in the PLUS Curriculum, they have been carefully reviewed and tailored with the assistance of legal counsel and industry leaders to include legal provisions specific to D&O liability that are relevant to Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysian laws.

PLUS and the Singapore Insurance Institute (SII) are mutually supporting organizations. PLUS is the creator, owner, and administrator of the certificate program. PLUS has consulted with SII through the development process. SII will assist PLUS in promoting the certificate program, as well.


Will there be more Asia-specific modules available besides those included in this certificate program?

At this time, there are only three modules that have been adapted for the Asia region. We hope these are well received, and that we will do more in the future. In the meantime, many in the Asia region take advantage of our other modules. Click here to view our full slate of modules, which are available to all industry practitioners globally.


How much do the Asia modules cost?

Individual modules are $350 SGD ($265 USD). A package with all 3 required modules is also available for $900 SGD ($675 USD). Please note that pricing on the website will appear in USD. Click here to purchase your modules.


Is there a group discount?

There is no group discount currently. If you are a company considering a purchase for numerous employees to get the certificate, please contact and we will gladly discuss your ideas.


Do I have to complete this certificate program in a certain amount of time?

No, there is no time limit on completing the certificate so you can feel free to go at your own pace.


How much time will I have to dedicate to earning the Certificate in Asia Professional Liability Insurance?

Below are estimated times required for each module:

  • Asia Module 1 | 10 hours
  • Asia Module 2 | 6 hours
  • Asia Module 3 | 7 hours


How are the modules and exams administered?

Each module is provided in PLUS's eLearning format, where the module is broken down into lessons. At the end of each lesson is a lesson exam. You must complete each lesson and exam in the module in order for it to be considered "complete." You can take the lesson exams as many times as necessary to pass, and can access lessons in any order.

After purchasing your module(s), it will be accessible immediately for you to begin your studies. To access your module:

  • Login to the PLUS website and go to the Member Dashboard.
  • Under the PLUS Essentials section, click the Click for Online Courses link.
  • Click on the My Learning Activities section.
  • Click the Go button associated with the module.


Will there be subsidies available for those that complete the modules?

At this time PLUS has not applied for the subsidy program through IBF Singapore.  It is something we will continue to monitor and consider in the future.


Do the modules for the Certificate in Asia Professional Liability Insurance qualify for CPD credit?

Upon completion of each module, you will be immediately provided with a document that verifies your completion. You will be able to download or print the document and provide it to your sources for CPD credits.


I've completed all of the courses for the Certificate in Asia Professional Liability Insurance. Now what?

After completing all of the requirements for the certificate, PLUS will email you an electronic Certificate of Completion within one business week, as well as issue the following module waivers from the PLUS Curriculum:

  • Module 3 | Professional Liability Insurance: Introduction
  • Module 8 | Directors & Officers Liability Insurance: Introduction
  • Module 9 | Public/Financial D&O Liability Insurance

The modules listed above automatically count towards other PLUS designations and/or certificate programs.


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