Are you a new PLUS member looking for ways to get involved? Or a seasoned member who is looking to share your knowledge and expertise with the PLUS membership? You can become a one-time or recurring content contributor with PLUS. Content contributors are an essential part of how we offer new, relevant content to our members every month.

Any member can utilize the several options available to begin contributing thought leadership with PLUS.

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Submitting written works to the PLUS Blog is a fantastic way to deliver content to the over 38,000 professional liability practitioners in the PLUS membership. PLUS has regular blog contributors and also welcomes one-off posts by members who wish to contribute.


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Podcasts are pre-recorded, audio-only content. Podcasts are an opportunity to share timely discussions amongst industry thought leaders on new trends and pressing issues. A podcast is a great way to feature various discussions within a topic and host guests from different areas of expertise on each episode.


Host a PLUS Video

PLUS Videos blend the dynamics of a live webinar with the accessibility of a podcast. It offers an ideal platform for individuals keen on presenting charts, graphs, and other visual aids. Whether it’s a standalone presentation or part of a series, PLUS Videos cater to versatile delivery preferences.


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