PLUS recently wrapped the 2022-2023 Mentorship Program to prepare for new mentorship enrollment. As PLUS celebrates another successful mentorship year and transitions to a new mentorship model, we want to shine some light on key members of the Mentorship Network, share some feedback from our participants, and provide more information on what is to come.


We asked Alaina Clemmons, head of the Future PLUS Mentorship Task Force, to provide insights into the Future PLUS Mentorship Network. Her remarks can be found below.

Tell us about your involvement with the Future PLUS Mentorship Network.

I am the Vice Chair of the Future PLUS Leadership Committee, and I lead the Future PLUS Mentorship Task Force. Our Task Force meets year-round to plan, promote, and oversee the format and the content for the Future PLUS Mentorship Network. I initially worked on an internal mentorship program at my company, and I was happy to apply some of those principles to support this mentorship opportunity within the Professional Liability industry.

What changes can we expect to see in the network this year?

The Task Force has been around for about three years, and were proud of how our mentorship offerings have evolved over time! This year, were revamping from a program that ends after 12 months to a network that will allow ongoing opportunities to find a mentor or support mentees.

  • PLUS members can register for the network at any time, and choose to be paired with a mentee/mentor for a 3, 6 or 12 month period.
  • Mentees will also get to request a particular mentor, when in the past they have been assigned through the program.
  • Mentees/Mentors will have different content tracks available dependent on the length of their pairing.
  • When that pairing has concluded, they have the opportunity to remain a part of the network, and can seek out a new mentor/mentee pairing will stay open indefinitely.

Our goal with these changes is to address the needs of different mentors/mentees both with their specific goals for finding a mentor/mentee, and the time in their busy schedule that they have to dedicate to this opportunity.

What can mentors and mentees gain from participating in the program?

Mentors can share their insights in skill development, offer career guidance, and impact the professional growth of young professionals. The next generation of the insurance industry is here, and needs the support of experienced professionals to help them reach their career goals.

Mentees can get personalized guidance on their career goals, expand their network with experienced industry professionals, and develop their professional skills.

This is what participants had to say about the 2022-2023 Mentorship Program:

  • 100% of participants would recommend the program.
  • As a mentor, I really enjoyed participating in the Program. My mentee was highly engaged during each of our sessions even though we’re physically located several hundred miles apart from each other. We enjoyed the experience so much that we’re still meeting independently after the end of our formal pairing. Thank you to PLUS for this very rewarding opportunity! -Eric Marler, Counterpart, Inc. Insurance Solutions
  • The PLUS mentorship program provided an opportunity not only for young professionals to connect and learn from leaders in the industry, but also allowed seasoned insurance veterans, like me, to learn and grow from those new to the business. The mentor-mentee relationship, cultivated over many weeks of meetings, fostered opportunities for thoughtful collaboration while developing strategies to manage existing work and life challenges. After spending the last year with my mentee, her candidness, passion for learning, and acute self-awareness has me excited that the future of our profession will continue to evolve as an inclusive and innovative industry. -Jane Hahn, Brown & Brown

PLUS would like to extend a special thank you to all of the Future PLUS Mentorship Task Force members for sharing their time and expertise:

  • Alaina Clemmons
  • Bailey Polster
  • Richmond Yu
  • Amanda Thompson
  • Kevin Mason
  • Megan Smalter
  • Randy Flug

Registration is currently open for the Future PLUS Mentorship Network. We encourage you to register by the end of 2023, as mentees can begin requesting mentors in January 2024.

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