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  • In the Boardroom with Resnick and Fuller, Episode 4
    • In Episode 4 of this podcast series, John and Stephanie discuss how corporate boards and officers should respond to negative financial news and specifically the speculation that a recession in 2023 appears inevitable.

Blog Posts

  • Privette Doctrine: Not An Absolute Shield
    • The Privette Doctrine is a well-accepted rule that has governed the liability of general contractors and property owners for workplace injuries suffered by a subcontractors employee.
  • Executive Summary: The Betterley Report’s Employment Practices Liability Insurance Market Survey 2022
    • The Betterley Reports EPLI Market Survey 2022 provides 74 pages of company comparison charts. The Report also provides an update on rate trends and highlights the select classes of businesses and locales that are seeing the biggest increases in pricing. 
  • Discovery Rule Still Rules in Legal Malpractice Actions
    • The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania recently reiterated the long-prevailing discovery rule applicable to legal malpractice actions in Pennsylvania. InNupson v. Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis, LLP, Bruce A. Rosenfield and Blank Rome LLP, 2022 WL 4635943 (E.D. Pa., Sept. 30, 2022), Judge Alejandro dismissed the plaintiffs untimely 2018 claims for negligence and breach of fiduciary duty against her former counsel based upon conduct which had occurred 15 years prior, in 2001 through 2003.
  • PLUS Is More: Looking Back at 2022 and Powering Forward in 2023
    • Its been a year since your association moved to a no-cost membership model and adopted a strategic plan to expand membership, deepen engagement, enhance corporate relationships, and strengthen product development.  Together, the new membership model and strategic plan allow us to better fulfill our mission to be the global community for the professional liability insurance industry by providing essential knowledge, thought leadership and career development opportunities.
  • Insurer Does Not Have to Indemnify Broker in Professional Negligence Case
    • Assessing appropriate policy limits is a daunting task for any insurance broker. Errors in judgment can result in significant losses for the client as well as insurers. Businesses have an interest in maintaining affordable coverage, but also need to ensure that they are adequately covered by insurance should the worst scenario occur. 
  • PLUS 2022 Conference Content Available to Members
    • The PLUS Conference provides education on the latest in trends and in-depth news from leading experts in the insurance industry. If you missed the in-person sessions in 2022 they are available on-demand for PLUS members to view.
  • Trends & Challenges in the Environmental and Construction Professional Liability Space
    • The 2023 Market Update, which is issued annually by RT Specialtys Environmental and Construction Professional (RT ECP) Practice recently highlighted the organizations insights into the state of the marketplace.
  • Construction Worker Under a Collective Bargaining Agreement? No PAGA Claims for You!
    • In Oswald v. Murray Plumbing & Heating Corp., No.B312736, 2022 Cal. App. Lexis 752 (Ct. App. Sep. 2, 2022). the Court of Appeal found that because the collective bargaining agreement at issue addressed wage and hour provisions, working conditions, and grievance procedures, and specifically mandated arbitration of disputes regarding Labor Code violations, the denial of the plaintiffs right to sue under PAGA was warranted.


  • ESG, BIPA and COVID Claims and EPLI Coverage Issues
    • This webinar addresses employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) coverage issues as they relate to these types of claims regarding ESG, BIPA and COVID, and includes a discussion of what is covered loss under an EPLI policy, as well as whether claims can be severed and whether there is coverage for certain statutory violations.
  • Transactional Risk Insurance Boot Camp
    • This session reviews the structure of a deal term sheet including general and fundamental representations and explains term sheet definitions such as materiality scrape, sandbagging, etc. The speakers also discuss the impact of insurance on escrow and indemnity packages, the implications to R&W insurance of asset deals versus mergers, and how the R&W insurance exposure differs between strategic and private equity buyers.
  • Lawyer’s Professional Liability–the Market, Claims, and Value of Risk Management
    • This webinar, presented by an experienced team of LPL professionals with a range of perspectives on the legal malpractice universe and the insurance marketplace, provides insights into: The state of claims against lawyers and law firms, including the likely direction of claims in the event of an economic downturn; Market trends and the availability of coverage in the LPL marketplace; and How effective risk management can prevent or reduce claim severity and make the insurance market more accessible.

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